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08/01/2022 – From proposals from the EU plan to reduce gas consumption by 15% to Enea’s proposals for measures in the housing sector to cut bills. While noting the legal interventions and changes in habits to be adopted in the autumn, The importance of the correct design of thermal insulation in homes is back more than ever, the only “definitive” solution for lower consumption.

Lower the thermostats one degree, reduce the ignition time by one hour a day and fifteen days a year. According to Enea, these would be some of the useful measures to “cut” almost 2.7 billion cubic meters of methane gas consumption in Italy and bring the annual bill down by almost 180 euros. The use of electric heat pumps, the reduction of gas for hot water and the kitchen, the lower consumption of electricity thanks to better appliances or the installation of LED lighting, can lead to savings of almost 4 billion cubic meters per year.
(Source: Actions to reduce national gas demand in the residential sectorAeneas study presented in July).

All these potential gas savings, which can be achieved through targeted measures in the housing sector and with good behaviour, must however be accompanied by an important energy restructuring of the consumption of the building stock.

“If we really want to find an effective and more durable solution over time, it is necessary to intervene, not only in behavior, certainly useful, but also on the shelves of our homes – emphasizes Andrea Angeli, commercial director of Ravago Building Solutions -. Whether it is renovations, or even better new buildings, it is strategic and a priority to design an advanced thermal insulation system, from the foundation, to the roof, to the coat, for a 360-degree insulation that provides real and long-lasting benefits. term in terms of living comfort and energy and financial savings”.

By combining the emergency measures with good behavioral and construction practices, we could have energetically autonomous buildings, “as happens in homes with Clima Gold certification, which also includes renewable energy, solar panels, ventilation, etc., with state-of-the-art insulation throughout the house we can lower heating costs by adding a further 40% saving on the bill» Angeli points out.

Just think of the incidence of thermal insulation on the value of the property, calculated on average around 7-10%: a low value compared to the costs of finishes or furniture, which instead registers greater savings over the life cycle of the property. .

«The thermal insulation of a building must be designed in a correct way, hopefully during the construction phase or alternatively restructuring also by taking advantage of incentives and bonuses – continues Angeli -. Focusing primarily on thermal insulation rather than finish makes it possible to create homes of high value, with immediate savings on the energy bill, avoiding costly and inconvenient subsequent maintenance interventions ».

This is why Ravago Building Solutions is committed to spreading the culture of thermal insulation, both among designers and customers, for clean up the homes of the Italians and make them less energy-demanding, more sustainable and more comfortable. “In the autumn we will organize a series of webinars with the aim of providing education and informationmake ourselves available to designers and companies as partners in their projects, to advise on the choice of the correct insulation, but also on the latest implementation,” reports Elisabetta Simona Magrone, XPS Business Communications Italia – D / A / CH of Ravago Building Solutions Italy.

In short, good insulation and products with excellent performance are the key to saving, and Ravago Building Solutions offers a range of high-performance solutions for every need.

RAVATHERM ™ XPS X: the gray that makes the difference

High Performance Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) RAVATHERM™ XPS X it is the only one with built-in pure carbon particles from which the original gray color originates. This feature makes it possible to reduce heat dissipation and increase the thermal resistance of the product compared to traditional XPS.

With a thermal conductivity starting from λD. from 0.030 W/mK it provides high performance by insulating up to 20% more than the average of other extrusions. Thanks to his structure with 95% closed cells RAVATHERM™ XPS X guarantees high resistance to the passage of water vapor and long-term energy efficiency; the high long-term compressive strength (from 300 to 700 kPa) it also makes it possible to meet the different needs of designers and companies in civil and even industrial contexts.

RAVATHERM ™ XPS X insulation boards are available in three profiles: sharp edge, tongue-and-groove joints and step rabbet; in thicknesses from 20 to 200 mm and dimensions width 600 mm and length from 1,250 to 2,400 mm to cover all construction needs and avoid material waste. High performance up to low thicknesses allows designers to also saves precious centimeters in the interior spaces and the company to have fewer processing steps of the resulting panels reduction of waste to be disposed of.

RAVATHERM ™ XPS X Series, CAM certifiedincludes solutions for all application needs, from roofing to walls, from insulation under foundations to insulation, from industrial floors to parking roofs:
– RAVATHERM™ XPS X 300 SB (civil floors, walls, flat roofs);
– RAVATHERM ™ XPS X 300 ST (civil floors, walls, flat and pitched roofs);
– RAVATHERM ™ XPS X 300 SL (civil floors, foundations, walls, flat and pitched roofs);
– RAVATHERM™ XPS X 500 SL (industrial floors, foundations, parking roofs);
– RAVATHERM™ XPS X 700 SL (industrial floors, foundations, parking roofs);
– RAVATHERM ™ XPS X ETICS B (external insulation system).

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