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Spreading the business culture helps today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. This is the goal of Business Voices, free movement born from BNI, the world’s largest business networking and reference exchange organization.

Since 2016, around 500 projects have been carried out throughout Italy in the schools “adopted” by the BNI chapters (this is the name of the groups of entrepreneurs and professionals who come together locally to collaborate to develop their business). The Aleramo branch has been working in the Monferrato area for years and has adopted two schools.

On September 30 for the first time will be the province Alessandria will host the “birthday” of Business Voices, an event that attracts entrepreneurs and professionals from six provinces in northwestern Italy. In the San Baudolino auditorium in Alessandria, the many professionals and entrepreneurs who have made themselves available for “restitution” initiatives to the territory will be celebrated: an opportunity to talk about the best experiences that have been made among the many activities carried out in schools at all levels.

The Aleramo department – which meets every week on Tuesdays at 7.15 in the municipal leisure center in via Visconti in Casale Monferrato – have chosen two very different schools that develop projects that suit their needs.

The first project sees as protagonists the Sobrero students, who for some years have been able to count on the Aleramo entrepreneurs for their alternation between school and work. With the coordination of the entrepreneur Franco Guaschino, we started, in full pandemic, with distance guidance for 350 children. In the summer of 2021, there were twenty students from 4th gradeto to mechanical address e logistics has had their first work experience in as many companies in the area. These days, the transition between school and work ends in the same companies for twenty other young people like Matteo Costanza and Francesco Bellotto. The first gained his experience at Antonio Marchese’s Termotecnica Casale srl, current Vice President of Aleramo, while Francesco was able to travel at Coloroficio Kromia by Ilenia Sosso, responsible for the chapter’s guests and the Business Voices project.

Completely different goals for the second adopted school, Conzano’s kindergarten. The proximity to a riding school facilitated the organization of a beautiful day that gave the feeling of contact with an extraordinary animal like the horse. In September, when the school reopens, the beautiful painting and carving work in connection with the primary school will be completed started during the spring with the aim of spreading the culture of peace. BNI’s role in these cases is to provide opportunities for knowledge, experimentation for the sharing of universal values.

On September 30, all the other major projects carried out in the provinces of Asti, Cuneo, Vercelli, Savona and Imperia will also be presented, from speech therapy screening for public speaking classes for adults; from the establishment of a vegetable garden to food education to dental hygiene education and again interesting mornings with an introduction to the constitution for primary school children and then interdisciplinary workshops on bullying expertly led by trained professionals.

Within the BNI chapters, we often talk about collaborative economics. For Business Voices, too, collaboration is an added value, and having many people dedicate themselves to a project and collaborate together, each with their own skills, gives us the opportunity to create ever more beautiful, important and valuable projects for our children, and it contributes to build a future for an increasingly effective collaboration between us, institutions, schools and families. Every year, all the projects conceived by the various BNI departments are celebrated in a big party, where school leaders, local administrators and all those who want to intervene in a moment of great value are invited.” highlights Monica Passini, CEO of the Piedmont South-Alessandria and Riviere Liguri regions and Italy’s ambassador for Business Voices.

The appointment on September 30 will also be a great show: for one evening, accountants and lawyers, craftsmen and traders will take the stage as protagonists, expressing all their artistic talent. The protagonists of the evening will also be young people from local schools, but also a group of very young entrepreneurs for whom BNI offers a great opportunity: it is about to be born the chapter that was not open to young people from the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. It will be called “The Millennials”: under 30 who are starting to take their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship or the professions. A Business Voices project that further strengthens the concept of restitution to the territory: the members of the BNI chapters make themselves available to support and develop their young colleagues. The project has been entrusted to Raffele Caiulo, director of the Cittadella and Marengo departments in Alessandria, assisted by Fabio Barbero, insurance broker, member of the Cittadella department.

Nadia Biancato, communications expert, who recently created the first hybrid and feminine chapter in the Alexandria region (ed. meets primarily online – info: cell. 3394297396), that BNI NIKE which, among other things, is joined by Avv. Simonetta Rossi from the successful Lupano law firm in Casale Monferrato, Arianna Masini, owner of the innovative and versatile company Maggiordomus from Valenza, explains what they will do again this year during the Business Voices Future Leaders week planned for the beginning of October, which in fact opens another season of collaboration between Business Voices and institutes at all levels: “The members of all BNI branches, aware of the importance of offering opportunities, voluntarily dedicate their time and professionalism to carry out training, education and structural projects to support the schools. Through the adoption of each chapter by a local school, in collaboration with school leaders, initiatives are devised that often help schools with school orientation: By drawing attention to the subjects, activities, with role-playing measures, children better understand what happens in the various workplaces, which professional competences are necessary, which rules govern . them, and which course of study must be completed in order to obtain the necessary education. Locally, this was done at the Sobrero high school in Casale Monferrato as to Straneo comprehensive institute in Alexandria of the Cittadella chapter and it will be done at the Pochettino Comprehensive Institute in Castellazzo Bormida by the Marengo branch also in Alessandria. At the Rita Levi Montalcini Higher Institute in Acqui Terme, the La Bollente chapter, in full lockdown, involved the students externally in simulating a criminal trial. In the new school year, the projects will be resumed, expanded and new ones will be added: the newborn NIKE will adopt the Vinci-Nervi-Migliara Institute to start sustainability projects, while Chapter I Campionissimi from Novi and Tortona will propose visual screening in the schools of the territory. Different initiatives, all centered on professionals who are specialized and respected in their work, which will make children and young people of all ages passionate about different professions, combining tradition and innovation, in mentoring activities that strengthen the values ​​in which BNI members recognize themselves, of which first “the giver wins”: the willingness to give before you receive ».

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