Gigaset AS490 Cordless: Concentrate of technology for the home

Ideal for every home and for the whole family, the new Gigaset cordless phone is simple, flexible and contains the most advanced features.

The Gigasetworldwide manufacturer of cordless phones, introduces the new cordless Gigaset AS490especially appreciated by the Italian public to whom this model is dedicated.

The AS490 stands out for its flexibility and adaptability in any environment and in any type of home. From studio to multi-storey villa, it also fits perfectly thanks to the duo and trio versions.

Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic

The Gigaset AS490 is really easy to use and therefore absolutely suitable for all members of the family, from the smallest to the largest. Thanks to the large display (34 x 37 mm (H x W), 5.1 cm / 2 ″ (diagonal), 96 x 64 pixels), clearly lit and large characters, the new Gigaset cordless phone is clearly visible to all family users .

The keyboard is ergonomic and made of high-quality material. Ease of use is guaranteed by the large keys (12 numeric and 2 soft keys) and the 4-way navigation key. The navigation area is illuminated in amber. The pickup/hands-free button is lit by a green LED, while the hang up/message button is lit by a red LED.

The Gigaset AS490 is immediately ready for use as soon as it is connected to the network, and the Lift and Talk function is already active, which allows you to answer a call by simply lifting the handset from the base without pressing any key.

Sound functions

The Gigaset AS490 is equipped with 20 adjustable ringtones for every hearing need up to 5 levels. Sound in conversation and hands-free is also adjustable. The Gigaset cordless phone is compatible with all hearing aids on the market and is therefore also absolutely suitable for senior audiences.

The phone is equipped with the “Day / Night Mode” function, which allows you to disable the timed ringtone, so as not to be disturbed by phone calls during moments of rest. Calls with an anonymous number can also be blocked. By activating the relevant function, the phone will not ring for anonymous calls.

Talk without limits

Talking on the phone is easy with the Gigaset AS490 cordless phone, and it’s even easier to stay on the phone for long conversations. Its battery has an autonomy of 14 hours in continuous conversation and up to 180 hours in standby.

The large phone book stores up to 100 names and numbers. The characters in the phonebook recordings are large to provide the best readability.

Preparation for calls, i.e. entering the phone number before the dialing procedure presents the correction option so that you can check the call accurately before starting the call or remembering the number.

The Gigaset AS490 allows redialing of the last 10 numbers and is equipped with programmable speed dial keys (keys 2 – 9).

In every home, even with an answering machine

The Gigaset AS490 is perfect for studios as well as large houses or apartment buildings.

The multi-handset functionality is ensured by the variants AS490 Duo and Trio. With these versions, in addition to free internal calls, 2 calls are possible at the same time (1 external and 1 internal). You can transfer the phonebook between handsets and transfer the call to another handset with call/callback function.

Gigaset wireless

With these versions of the Gigaset AS490 cordless phone, you can also organize a 3-way conference call (1 external and 2 internal). Ringing from external calls is of course simultaneous on all handsets.

The model with answering machine is called the Gigaset AS490A and has an integrated digital answering machine with recording time of up to 20 minutes. The personal message that can be recorded lasts about 170 seconds, or you can use the preset standard message.

The indication of new messages is available on both the handset and base, and you can listen to incoming messages on the handset and base.

Made in Germany and green

Like all Gigaset cordless phones, the AS490 line is also equipped with features ECO DECT. This means that the phones are radiation-free in standby mode, even if you have several handsets, as long as the base and all registered handsets support the ECO DECT function. During a phone call, the transmission power is automatically adjusted according to the distance between the base station and the handset. Therefore a qualitatively superior and absolutely “green” device.

The Gigaset AS490, available in black and white, is for sale on the site and in the best shops and specialty chains.

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