Games to entertain children on the go without a mobile phone

Games to entertain children on the go without mobile phones: Summer is the right time to stimulate the observational spirit and natural curiosity of children

Games to entertain children on the go without a mobile phone

There pandemic accelerated and emphasized an already ongoing trend: abuse of electronic devices like it smartphone And Tablet of children and teenagers, who have started to use them not only in their free time, but also because examination. Over time, if repeated consistently, this habit can cause a kind of dependence from the screens and difficulty staying inside In reality and in relationships. That trip it’s the right time for it detach from reality virtual, fully immerse yourself in the real one. If the process with young people is more complex, children often just have to offer onefun alternative to move your eyes away from the screen. By simply starting to pull out the devices less often: There is a whole world to observe out of the windowwhile yes travel by car. Here are tips for Elisa Leonipedagogue.

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Use your cell phone less when you travel

Can summer and travel be used to use mobile phones less?

“The trip to help break the routine on a daily basis it provides a dimension of detachment from reality and for this it can be an opportunity for leave home some units: at least PC and tablet. What a concern telephoneI would recommend one less use, define with children of certain times for use, for example before dinner or after dinner, or after an excursion as a moment “rent“between one activity and another. Of course the use must always be watched And sharedRemember that many platforms today also offer valid suggestions. The definition of a specific moment for the use of devices, it also applies to most small: it will not be possible to discuss the time windows with them, but they will be perfectly able to understand the timing of one ritual and remember it, associate it with a certain moment of the day”.

How to respond to YouTube’s insistent requests

What to say when kids want YouTube?

“The insistent request of the children to see Youtube born ofuse as the adult does smartphone or tablet.

If children always see it in the hands of the parents, of course they will ask often. Otherwise, they will not make this request insistent, because children are attracted and engaged by what happening all around to them, but they act as one mirror than their parents. This request can also occur in moments of boredomso a good way to divert it is to prepare some alternative activities to suggest”.

Mobile-free travel solutions divided by age

What alternative solutions can be offered by age group?

“During a trip, you must remember to bring it with you age-appropriate booklets some children, colors and albums by drawing. It is useful to bring toys that the child already knows to recreate one familiar feeling, as not everyone likes the journey by car, so it can be long and tiring. For example, you can suggest the design of slate that allows you to do so staple the sheetand thus also adapt to the position on child seat in the car (first of all let’s remember safety). It is important that one of the two parents stays sitting behind together with the child to involve him and suggest joint activities”.

Some ideas for books to take on the go: for children aged 4 and above there is “At the Bottom of the Sea”, (Usborne editions) with many inhabitants of the seas and oceans to recognize, match and count. On each page, some animals suggest observational exercises to test even the most attentive readers. From the age of 6 it can be suggested “Games and Hobbies for Travel” (Usborne editions): cards to complete, postcards to color and games to solve. Between a ride on a Shinkansen, a hike in the Amazon rainforest and a visit to an archaeological site, it will be impossible to be bored. Even longer journeys will pass in a heartbeat.

Things to do in the car on a trip without a mobile phone

What games to play without anything is advisable, maybe in the car and with the voice during a trip?

“You can organize yourself by preparing one playlist of songs to listen to and sing all together during the trip by car.

With children who are already talking, it is useful to stimulate them spirit of observation and narrative, which develops simply by inviting them to look around it is at to describe what they see. A lot of work needs to be done to make traveling an experience exploration: many things happen outside the window, even on a seemingly mundane highway:

  • we can replay the game counting machinesdivide them by license plate or for colors;
  • that lorry they give many insights because they can have gods special loads or curious;
  • or you can count how many seconds a step takes gallery.

“Depending on the age, the game can be complicated by adding other levels: taking notes, making small bets, calculating. notice of what happening all around to him: this way it will be spontaneous less attracted give it screens. We focus your attention on pathand points out to him that the mountains or the sea do not suddenly appear, but the environment it changes during the trip. This also serves to develop sense of direction and a perception geographically of the environment. Finally, let’s not forget to do several decompression breaksmaybe pick some green area where you can stop and stretch your legs or eat something”.

The interviewee

Elisa Leoni, trained in Educational Science and sleep consultant, she has worked for several years with parenting support for children aged 0-3. Since 2020, he has been an educational consultant for Gepo Association.

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