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Children love summer, playing with the sand, but most of all dive into the water. That’s why when you’re on vacation, it’s hard to keep them away from pools or the ocean. This is the perfect place to feel free to swim, invent games with their friends or immerse yourself in fantastic adventures in the company of their superheroes.

Although it is their favorite environment, it should not be underestimated security, orin addition to sunscreen parents often take care to accompany them in the water and are next to them to help them in their movements. But being more autonomous and swimming freely comes with additional help lifeline. The support prevents sudden accidents and helps children who are not yet able to swim.

Colorful, friendly and confident, that is inflatable boats for children there are so many. We present some perfect models to entertain your children and protect them from trouble.

For safe and secure swimming: inflatable with canopy

Fun and games are the essential elements for children to experience summer to the fullest, with this life jacket the little ones can immerse themselves in fantastic adventures in total safety. The perfect inflatable from six months and up, supports up to 25 kilos and is inspired by a lovely frog, so that the little one can play while having fun in the company of his friends. The legs of the animal, in addition to providing an attractive design, are designed to give greater stability to the life jacket, thanks to the three separate air chambers, they improve the safety of the child. The two side handles not only make it easier for parents to stabilize the life jacket, but also make the accessory ready to face the waves of the sea. The inflatable boat, characterized by light green, stands out among the waves of the sea, never losing sight of the children, moreover, it is equipped with a removable roof perfect to stay in the water even in the hottest hours without any risk.

Pro. Durable and made with quality materials, it lets kids have fun in total safety.

Against. In the wind it is better to remove the canopy to ensure stability.

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For maximum safety: lifejacket with support

Lifebuoy with support

THAT children love to swim in the water, but they often need extra help to gain confidence and move freely. With this life jacket, the little ones can learn to swim and become more confident. Simple and essential, the red ring with contrasting white letters is enriched with a shoulder support that allows you to have your legs free and the torso forward, so you can start swimming supported by the adjustable safety straps. Perfect for children aged 3 months to 4 years, it can carry up to 15 kilos. The five inflatable air chambers, in addition to providing stability, adapt to the shape of the body.

Pro. The support strap makes children stable and safe.

Against. Better to wear the life jacket out of the water.

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Durable and practical: inflatable with repair kit

Inflatable with repair kit

The lifebuoy is the accessory for the swimming pool that makes it possible for the little ones to move safely in the water, for this it must be resistant and robust. This model, consisting of two donuts, one larger and one smaller, in which a panty is inserted, provides maximum stability without the risk of deflation. Designed for babies from 1 to 24 months, it can carry up to 11 kg. Quick and easy to inflate, the four air chambers can be easily repaired thanks to the kit included in the package, in addition, it is equipped with a neck support that will make the experience comfortable and fun.

Pro. Separate bladders and repair kits make the lifebuoy safe and stable.

Against. The panty is too deep for small children.

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Colorful and fun: inflatable in the shape of a crab

Inflatable in the shape of a crab

If your child loves colors and animals, this lifebuoy is perfect, available in pink, the crab shaped inflatable will drive them crazy. The super colored donut is characterized by funny claws and cute eyes, to complete it could not miss the whales, jellyfish and starfish that make the model unique. Designed for babies from 6 to 36 months, it can withstand up to 16 kilos. Equipped with inner briefs and side handles, the little ones will be able to move freely inside the pool while remaining stable and safe, made of PVC, the material is soft and suitable for the delicate skin of the little ones, the only thing left is to put on the favorite swimsuit and start playing.

Pro. The materials are resistant.

Against. The pump is not included to pump it up.

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Always in fashion: flamingo inflatable

Inflatable flamingo

This year too, the flamingo is a must have of the summer season, for this reason it could not be missed among the children’s inflatables. The pink flamingo model is suitable for little ones between 6 and 36 months. The seat, characterized by the crossed mesh on the seat, is designed for their legs and prevents them from slipping out, but helps them stay afloat, made of PVC material, it is soft and anti-allergic, safe and pleasant for health. the small ones. The removable parasol keeps the child cool and protects it from direct sunlight and water. Once you’ve chosen the ideal swimsuit, little ones can have fun and be fashionable in the pool or by the sea.

Pro. Made with quality materials.

Against. For some users, the sun sail is a little low.

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Swimming with mom or dad: safety life jacket


For parents, children’s safety is paramountTo be safe even at the sea or in the pool, this life jacket is ideal. The model with seat dedicated to children is completed by a ring designed for mother or father, made of non-toxic PVC plastic, it is resistant and soft, suitable for children’s delicate skin. The removable roof protects the little one from the sun’s rays at any time of the day, to avoid burns or heat stroke, finally the inflatable rubber boat in the colors white and light blue and with a maritime-style print of a sound wheel is completed to keep the little one entertained even in the water.

Pro. Resistant and robust.

Against. Customers who bought it found no faults.

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Practical and comfortable to use: lifejacket in the form of a vest


When you have children It is very important to have practical accessories to wear and among the life jackets to pack is the jacket-shaped model. The model, suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years, is equipped with three air chambers, perfect for staying afloat, and a front closure designed to allow the child to wear it without losing it. The collar of the jacket can therefore also be used as a neck support, to ensure maximum comfort for the child.

Pro. Ensures good stability for children.

Against. Customers who bought it found no faults,

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For small beginners: vest with armrests

swimming vest-2

The double safety buckle design, located on the back of the vest allows you to easily put on the life jacket, but prevents children from opening it themselves, to ensure maximum safety. Made of polyester fiber, waterproof non-woven fabric with internal foam, it provides extra comfort and at the same time protects children’s skin from irritation. Light and practical with its 154 grams, it is perfect for children aged 2 to 7, who will not wait to wear it thanks to the cute designs that will conquer them at first sight.

Pro. It dries quickly and does not need to be inflated.

Against. Users who bought it found no faults.

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