Entries in the role and substitutes, deadlines in August. Also waiting for preliminary assignments

The deadlines for the month of August relate to publication of the preliminary assignments, the GaE and GPS applications for annual substitutes and the end of the school year.

August 1st – First day of the two weeks useful for communicating to SIDI data on absences made in July 2022 by all school staff (permanent; temporary annual substitute; fixed-term contract until the end of teaching activities)

August 1 – The release of the GPS is expected no later than August 1, this to allow the selection of 150 preferences from August 2. The school offices will then be able to republish the rankings definitively before the end of August.

August 1 – MAD primary and secondary school teachers in Trento: applications from 1 August. Those deployed in another province’s GI can also submit an application

August 1 – Contribution to enrollment and kindergarten stay, applications from 1 August. The inps call

2nd of August – Recruitment from GPS support first band, the application from 2nd to 16th August. Who participates, for which positions, temporary and then role

2nd of August – 2022/2023 substitutes from Gae and Gps, questions from 2 to 16 August. DOWNLOAD THE CIRCULAR [PDF]

2nd of August – Before August 2 completion of the ordinary operations for entry into the role

2nd of August – Substitutes of ed. in the primary school: the code is EEEM, teachers in A048 and A049 can participate. Application from 2 August

August 4th – Teacher recruitment 2022: from 4 to 8 August the application for the fast Call. Role from September 2022: who participates, what restrictions. ALL INFO

August 8The National Day of Sacrifice of Italian Work in the World

August 9International Day of Indigenous Peoples (A/RES/49/214)

10 August – Admissions in the role of teachers 2022: operations close on 10 August. Then the substitutions. Attention Ministry

August 11 – Speed ​​dial, applications from 4 to 8 August, employment no later than 11. All useful information with the note [PDF]

12 AugustInternational Youth Day (A/RES/54/120) and World Elephant Day

15 August – Mid-August, Mary’s ascension

August 16 – Over 400 INPS scholarships for university colleges: all useful information

August 16 – As required by Law 89 of 2014, the deadline for communication by public administrations through the PCC system of any overdue debt is in the previous month (ie invoices for which the deadline of 31 July has been exceeded without this payment being made)

August 16 – The following payments must be made by this date (using the F-24EP form):
• IRAP tax on the remuneration paid in July 2022
• Monthly VAT for educational institutions with financial management (boarding schools, contract work, agricultural business, specialist business)
• INPS-Separate management contribution to coordinated and ongoing collaborations regarding July 2022
• withholding tax on liquidations outside the public administration

August 16 – Before that date, “service” for the substitute staff must be notified to SIDI (for contracts still open in the current month)

August 19World Humanitarian Aid Day (A/RES/63/139) and World Photography Day

August 20 – Notification to the Employment Center on employment, extension, termination and conversion of employment regarding July 2022

August 21International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism and World Entrepreneur Day

August 23 – August salary transfer

August 23 – International day to commemorate the slave trade and its abolition (decision 8.2 from the 150th meeting of UNESCO’s board of directors)

August 25 – New schools with PNRR funds: notice of extension of applications for the 1st stage of the competition

August 26 – Classical and natural science high schools with a biomedical bent: applications from 30 June to 26 August. MI message

August 29International Day Against Nuclear Tests (A/RES/64/35)

August 30International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearances (A/RES/65/209)

31 August – Teacher card, no later than 31 August, it is possible to use the remaining amount 2020/21. What can you buy

31 August – Additional fees for teachers: must be paid no later than August 31 by FIS

31 August – Summer plan 2022, resource monitoring: memo from the ministry with all information [PDF]

31 August – Deadline for electronic submission of the DMA form regarding July 2022

31 August – Headmasters: deadline for using vacations not taken in the previous school year, extended due to service needs that cannot be postponed

31 August – International Solidarity Day

31 August – End of the 2021/22 school year

Other deadlines

Payment of fees for positions and additional activities (CCNL Scuola, art. 6, c. 4).
Fees for additional activities are normally paid (as the activities are completed) by the Provincial Finance Directorate together with the first month’s salary. In CCNL, however, the date of 31 August has remained, which constitutes the deadline for payment of the additional remuneration to carry out the activities and duties foreseen in the Institute Agreement.

Destination abroad (CCNL School, art.114)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will publish, by 31 August at the latest, which locations are available for destination operations abroad, which must be carried out on the basis of the fixed rankings.

End of the school year (legislative decree 297/94, art.74)
In kindergartens, elementary schools, elementary schools and high schools, the school year begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August.

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