doubts about the norms cause requests to fall

ProntoTrends, the ProntoPro observatory on the service market, highlights a renewed focus on other areas of home renovation: -70% want home renovation since the beginning of the year, -37% want facade renovation, +65% want home renovation. installation or replacement of boilers, + 20% wishes for garden design compared to 2020


ProntoPro looked at diversservices related to the eco-bonus 110%

Milan, 1 August 2022 – ProntoProThe reference marketplace, which connects supply and demand for professional services, has analyzed the data relating to searches on its portal regarding requests for building renovation also in relation to the legislative decree on the 110% super eco bonus, which for two years has allowed Italians to make investments in their homes more calmly. After the announcement of the overcoming of the applications in terms of the state funds provided and the subsequent government crisis, which still needs to decide whether and how the measure should be refinanced, they registered a sharp decline in demand for services, from January to July It is a change of priority of restructuring.

ProntoPro has considered services related to 110% bonus such as: Home renovation, Installation and/or replacement of windows, Installation and/or replacement of solar panels, Reconstruction of the facades, Installation or replacement of the boiler. Almost all of these services have experienced a drop in demand, except for installation or replacement of boilers that he hadon average from January to Julyan excellent response highlighting a growth in requests from 65%, trend likely driven by expensive energy, given that a latest generation condensing boiler can consume 30% less than an outdated model.

On the other hand, services related to home renovation are losing demand (-70% since the beginning of 2022), followed by renovation of the facades (-37%), installation of windows (-27%) and installation of solar panels (-5%) .

In it 2020 ProntoPro’s Observatory for Services, Pronto Trends, had registered the peak of home renovation requests in Octoberplaced first among them priority by the Italians after the first shutdown, but above all after the confirmation of the activation of Bonus 110. Next was the whitewashing of the interior walls, installation of the boiler, new windows and solar panels.

Already in 2021 there top 5 of the most requested services the year’s according to Pronto Pro data change and see solar panels rise to third place with peak load in January, while in 2022that House renovation crashes in second place, after whitewashing internal walls, and before installing solar panels. The change of pace is probably also due uncertainties admitted in this first semester on the incentives offered by the governmentso House renovationwhich also requires one big investmenthave been replaced by modernizations that require a completely different commitment.

That 2022 see -70% of requests from January, for House renovation, which peaked to downside month over month in June, -44%. It is possible that in order to control the decisions of the Italians, the conditions were dictated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict that did not ensure the supply of raw materials and then the government crisis, which the gaze has shifted towards investments that improve the spaces we live with lower costs in terms of time, energy and money.

Interesting fact i services for outdoor environmentsis the increase in requests for garden designrequired by 36% of the ProntoPro audience in 2022 compared to 16% in 2020, a choice perhaps also encouraged by smart work that has pushed people to make their homes more welcoming; on the other hand there is one decrease for in-ground pools from 47% in 2020 to just 12% in 2022 and above-ground pools from 22% to 12% in 2022.

On it internal environment on the other hand, the whitewashing of the walls remained stable with a slight decrease in requests for the year 2021 (66%) compared to 2020, where they were 73%, and in 2022 they return to 71%. Another shall appears to be the bathroom renovation that in 2020 covered 12% of requests, fluctuating to 19% in 2021 and then again to 12% in 2022. The share of requests for custom furniture, interior design and kitchen renovation.

ProntoTrends: The observatory on developments and trends in the service market

The observatory of home improvement services is one of the issues that ProntoPro addresses within the new ProntoTrends project: a tool for printing, but also for customers and professionals who use the portal where information about industry trends is collected. It highlights changes in demand over the year and geographical differences and is updated every month with a new focus on a specific theme.

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