Chef Daniel Canzian: research, simplicity and seasonality

The philosophy behind chef Daniel Canzian: a modern kitchen where tradition is combined with the study of raw materials to enhance and improve them in dishes that look to the future, with respect for nature. He is the patron of the eponymous restaurant in the heart of the Milanese district of Brera, a cozy and elegant space, characterized by an innovative gastronomic proposal based on research, simplicity and seasonal ingredients, updating traditional dishes with a special attention to the Veneto regional inheritance.

Daniel Canzian’s philosophy and career path are contained in his manifesto, which combines the value of tradition with a clear and forward-looking entrepreneurial outlook. By sharing his idea of ​​cooking in seven points, the chef intends to be an advocate of the Italian gastronomic culture, seeking continuous personal improvement and at the same time becoming a source of inspiration for others.

The reference to Venetian origin is present in many of the chef’s proposals: in the Adriatic seafood in “


“With Timut pepper and tomato, the juiciness of the clam water combined with the sweetness of the tomato water and the intense flavor of the Timut pepper creates a unique balance of flavors and gives character to the dish.

Defined”the last of Gualtiero Marchese’s brilliant pupils“, Canzian left his job in his family of restaurateurs, from where he learned the basics of cooking at the age of 14. He became head chef of Il Marchesino in 2008 and of the Marchesi Group in 2011, the year he also had the privilege of working with the French master Michel Troisgros, in 2013 Daniel realized his dream: to open a restaurant in Milan that expresses his idea of ​​Italian and modern cuisine in every detail.

After the Sohnenbuhl hotel, the big opportunity comes on board the gourmet restaurant Costa Cruises Club Medusa. Convinced that Italian regionalization is the key to future gastronomy, the chef focuses on the values ​​of simplicity and hospitality. “For me, Italian cuisine is a plural identity derived from a relationship between tradition (history) and the territory (geography)”, he says, sums up the Made in Italy concept in three words: class, elegance, history.

Daniel Canzian is part of the generation of chefs who

they were lucky enough to grow, train and work under Gualtiero Marchesi

from which he recalls many lessons, such as

create the right balance between person and professional, without ever losing sight of curiosity and one’s roots


DanielCanzian Ristorante, located in the lively Milanese district of Brera, highlights the high Italian craftsmanship, not only in the kitchen, but also through the choice of interior design. The beating heart of the room is the kitchen, which welcomes guests as soon as they cross the threshold of the room: it is framed by the large wooden counter from which it is possible

to assist at the forefront in the preparation of recipes


inhales the aromas of the dishes and listens to the brigade in turmoil

. The space has an essential yet inviting style, with custom-made furniture and elegant pastel shades; the strong bond with the land and nature is emphasized by the presence of numerous potted plants, personally selected by the chef to make the guests feel at home. The atmosphere is made even more intimate by warm and enveloping lighting. Here he offers his guests what he defines as modern Italian cuisine, dishes that are clearly legible in the register of tradition, but open to the world in a lively and intelligent way. As

Exponential risotto

: Parmesan risotto cooked with lightly smoked chicken stock and sprinkled with smoked paprika, curry and black tea. A dish that, among other things, is of extraordinary beauty: “I always look for a balance between form and substance. And I never see pictures of other people’s dishes, not even when I read a recipe: the visual combinations must be mine“.


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