Arbatax Park Resort: a children’s paradise between nature and sustainability

Often, in childhood memories, the places we have visited appear bigger and more beautiful. A holiday atArbatax Park Resort on the other hand, it does not need the magic memory lens: everything is designed to make the little guests’ stay a paradise of experiences and sensations. ONE Peninsula on 60 hectares of unspoiled nature hosts the complex, which for three consecutive years has received the recognition of ‘The world’s best eco-resort’ from the prestigious World Travel Awards, the Oscars of Tourism.

It overlooks the rugged coast ofOgliastra with numerous bays, cliffs, sandy beaches, wooden solarium platforms and, for those who wish, the long beach of Orrì, returned to its usual splendor after the storms of recent years, which can be reached in a few minutes by shuttle by sea. Among the resort’s strengths are the Bellavista Naturalistic and Faunistic Park and the Garden of Wonders. That park occupies 40 hectares of the peninsula: a protected ecosystem with over 500,000 plants, more than 500 animals and 5,000 meters of walks among olive trees, mastic trees and myrtles, where mouflons, wild boars, thoroughbred horses and draft horses, fallow deer, fallow deer, and cows live sardines, as well as numerous bird species. The park is open to guests and is a unique experience for the little ones who often see here for the first time animals that they have only seen in books or on TV: you can go on foot or aboard special vehicles accompanied by rangers and admire the view of great beauty, overlooking the typical red porphyry rocks of Arbatax.

That ‘Garden of Wonders’ instead, it offers a multi-sensory path that allows guests, through a heavy wooden door set in stone, to immerse themselves in a riot of flowers, trees, fireflies and butterflies. Here it is possible to come into harmony with nature and awaken the five senses in different areas that represent the four seasons. Designed for children – but appreciated by the child that lives inside every adult – it offers guided botanical tours, the bamboo labyrinth, rooms for yoga and meditation, the olive tree gym for stretching and the domus de Janas, the house of the fairies. the Sardinian tradition. A crystal library is on the way to consult the works of Sardinian authors and books about Sardinia. The Garden of Wonders was awarded the prize ‘World’s Leading Sensory Garden’ last year. And

I can see that the children is the center of attention, and even the activities of the little ones are in the name of sustainability and respect for nature. The free program for children is called VIK Club (Very Important Kids), and is designed to stimulate the little ones to turn the holidays into an opportunity to discover their creative side through the relationship with nature and art. Children can aspire to stay park ranger – five degrees, from recruit to captain – (in September Fabbrica delle Favole is dedicated to the ‘captains’, a week where adventurers can play and have fun creating an adventure that takes place in the park). In addition, children can receive ‘Good luck collect a stamp for each of the many activities, such as discovering Sardinian traditions by listening to Contos de Foghile, the legends that the elders told in the family – for ten ischidos sos pitzinnos, to keep the children awake – or explore the fairy house, participate in workshops to make bread and cheese or treasure hunt inside the park.

There is no lack of a place to take care of the body, too Wellness Center & Spa Bellavista, created by the remodeling of a prestigious equestrian center. The 2,000 square meter facility overlooks a huge swimming pool with waterways and water features surrounded by what were once horse stables and now home to treatment and massage rooms. There are several wellness programs, Turkish bath, sauna, emotional showers, whirlpools, waterfalls, fresh and salt water pools heated to different temperatures, as well as beauty treatments and massages, also using local essences.

Many planned events in summer: every Friday the traditional ‘Sardinian evening’ takes place, where traditional recipes are prepared such as culurgiones and the typical pistoccu bread, Sardinian sweets and of course the cheese, still tasted warm with honey. And there is no shortage of workshops of artisans, cutters, goldsmiths, carpenters, herbalists, weavers: an additional way to support the area (together with the network of solidarity gardens adjacent to the resort that supply their zero-kilometer products to guests ). In Chent’Annos… at the table! it is instead a gastronomic festival that honors the traditions of the land of hundreds of years: Ogliastra is actually one of the five blue zones, the five areas on the planet with the highest longevity and life expectancy. InCantos, Sounds of Sardinia is finally a moment of great proposal, with the performance of great and famous master musicians by the sea, under the starry sky.

Many eco-sustainable activities are carried out every day, with special attention to recycling and the use of alternative energies: dry branches become wood for stoves, fences for animals or interior accessories; rainwater is collected to irrigate the forest and kitchen garden; the paper becomes waste for the animals and all the cuttings from the prunings become humus for the gardens. Finally, the installation of the solar panels that guarantee the coverage of the parking spaces and over 400 KW has just been completed, a costly energy boost for all the activities of the resort. The resort was also awarded this year for best ‘organic boat’ of the Environment and Mobility Association for having restored and equipped with an electrical system a historic boat, Stella (which also appeared in the famous “Overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the blue sea in August” by Lina Wertmüller) and which is now used for seabed cleanup where guests can participate to collect plastic and left behind waste.

The resort delivers well 7 types of accommodation (Telis, Cottage, Dune, Ville del Parco, Suites del Mare, Cala Moresca and Monte Turri), Wellness Center & Spa Bellavista, sports facilities and numerous activities. The Telis residences are ideal for families with children, with different types of rooms, including communicating, Mediterranean-style and completely immersed in the vegetation, the cabins and villas in the park, which can accommodate up to 5 people. From this year, each building has its own reception, restaurant, bar and swimming pool. Also for children, the Miniclub and Babyclub pool are available, while the ideal solution for families with children is the Tropical Pool, surrounded by green areas and surrounded by bougainvillea. Of course, there is no shortage of more exclusive accommodation suitable for adults and couples, such as the dunes with their unusual hexagonal shape and the Sea Suites, all with private gardens and spectacular terraces overlooking the sea, which in many cases can be reached directly; the furniture is also special, a well-kept mix of Sardinian craftsmanship and oriental art. Each suite has a different function, for example in one you sleep in an old restored fishing boat and in another the headboard is a giant boulder.

Before that summer season 2022 (closes on October 2, which is still summer in Sardinia) Arbatax Park Resort offers different packages, for example ‘Beach & Wellness’ which includes accommodation, buffet breakfast and dinner, wellness program in the spa, personal massage, early and late check-in depending on availability. Numerous concessions for children staying free from 3 to 10 years at Telis, also free for the first child in the park’s villas (50% of the adult price from the 2nd) and 50% for the cabins.
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