the Italian top 5 of 5-star campsites

Luxury is not always synonymous with opulence as an end in itself, when it comes to glamping, the five stars become not only a classification of comfort, but also a reference to the beauties of nature: lavender fields, lakes, peaks and organic products. All this in the 5 most beautiful and unique glamping sites in the world, take a look …

If the trend in the past 2 years, on the subject vacationseems to have dusted off tents, camper And caravaneven for those looking for experiences a 5 stars that Camping is becoming a cause of great curiosity. And it is then the so-called “Glamping“.
Concept glamping comes from the merging of the two words “glamour“and”Camping“, It is therefore a holiday style in contact with naturebut with attention to comfortto tents or special accommodations that blink luxury and the extraordinary nature ofexperience.

1. The Perseids – Viterbo

Perseid Lake Bolsena

That Persians is first bubble luxury glampingg born in Lazio region. This exclusive place is located on the banks of Lake Bolsenaevery”bubble“Is equipped with an external area of 1000 square meterseveryone with outdoor swimming pool with hot tub and oriented so that they are brave view of the lake. The outer regions of bubble is framed by laurel hedges, so guests present at the same time at glamping everyone can enjoy privacy he was born in comfort. This luxury glamping it can be attended indifferently both in winter the ten summer because the bubbles have a reliable cooling and heating system which guarantees absolute viability in each season. That bubble I am 4all standard, and then there is bubble suitewhich besides the others has it bathtub also internal and is equipped with a telescope to admire stars at night. Me too’food and wine experience here it is complete: aperitif with a selection of cured meat And cheeses local is served directly in bubbleswhile breakfast brought to your room with picnic basket. For the days spent on Perseids the facility is available for programming excursions on e-bike, a horse or water sports on the lake. The point with glamping it is also strategic for planning visits to villages in Tuscia how City of Bagnoreggio or to move to Tuscanyactually just over an hour’s drive away is THermes of Saturniawhere you can plan a day and then come back to enjoy night under the stars.

2. Skyview Chalet – Bolzano

skyviews Bolzano

We are always on The needlein this cabinbut in Trentino Alto Adigeon Lake Dobbiacoin the province Bolzano. Also in this exclusive glamping the component of “transparency“Of the walls is decisive. That Skyview Chalet it is actually a complex of wooden houses Give her transparent windowswhich will let you immerse yourself in the nature ofSouth Tyrol. Both in summer and in winter, these glass cube (literally, ice cubes) are private rooms with a welcoming decor to match surrounding naturefrom where you can admire the sky in one of the areas protected byUnesco. The whole structure bases its strength on the idea of ​​aeco-sustainable architecture: constitute a small village self-sufficient in production and use ofpower. Within this real village you can have the most diverse experiences: sauna, emotional showeraccess to forests, Breakfast served directly in the cabin, option to use Grill. Both in winter and in summer experiences staying in this place is truly unique: from direct access to the routes run of The Dolomitesfor the visit at Three tops. An important note: this is a glamping where you can’t take children, it seems reserved for adults only.

3. La Piantata – Viterbo

lavender tree house

Let’s go back to Viterbobut repetition is a must for it place really incomparable. Find availability even just for a lunch Planted It is a impossible mission because it really is one exclusive place and weekly. In the latest of places that allow you to sleep in one wooden house there are many, but do it with your feet lavender fields and with all the related services glamping, it is truly unique. Guests can take advantage of the new Spalocated insideolive groveof sauna hammamof apartments, wooden house And suitealways withinolive grove. From glamping it is possible to arrange a walk in between lavender plants or an organized sensory journey, truly special and unique for how it is conceived and for advantage that can be drawn from it. Self spa trail it’s not left to chance, it’s not just about luxury here, but about stimulus And reunion with all senses: i spa trails are designed to stimulatesmellthat viewL’equilibrium and thermal excursions. Hard to say, it’s something from living.
The story deserves a separate chapter Products which you will find here: honey with lavender, beer with lavender and also a line of body productsand oils importantobviously always inspired by lavender, leitmotif for the structure. Not just lavender, though Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Included in the price is Breakfast (served in the room) and the use of Swimming pools (internal and external). In addition to the option to request an aperitif, dessert, face and body treatments and bike hire.

4. Nabi Lakes – Castel Volturno

nabi lakes castel volturno

We’re moving in Campania where there is a glamping that allows you to sleep directly on the water of the lake. That Nabi Resort And Glamping it is available at Castel Volturno and was born from the extraction work of Domitian coast. The activities that take place here: to eat, to sleep, to relax, to have funthey are all thought ofwater. On the lake there are the suites, or inside the water floating tents. The exclusive spa is also a floating structure, and the restaurant where you can taste culinary experiences that found Anglo-Saxon cultures with the quality of local products, it is also placed on the water of the lake. There is an option to request Room Service which is always organized by the restaurant, so it is not a “take away“But by a real one home restaurantinside your floating suite or tent

5. Yurts in Langa – Cuneo

wedge yurts

Finally, we could not avoid suggesting an experience in Langhe. That Yurts in Langa it is a place that marries minus extreme luxury and morenature experience. There is a farm in it family business immersed in Belbo valley. Along it, it slopealmost to recreate a little village of Mongolia, the 5 Yurts with a panoramic view Langhe.
The yurt is an inflatable tent typical of the nomadic population inCentral Asia, the entire concept of the structure is organized around this type of housing. In the common areas, guests can enjoy abarbecue area and a large area Relax. Each Yurt has its own private garden with two deckchairs and an umbrella, and in the middle of “village“Is the above-ground pool. Through the structure you can book excursionsjokes of trekking with guide, exits a horse and experience the famous “huge benches“, Located against a panoramic view of vineyards.

wooden house

In general, to do the concept glamping must be the type of experience proposal, of which luxury it is a part, but not without being connected to the surrounding context. It is a eco-sustainable luxuryas he suggests destinations out of the way, which rediscovers pristine beautieswith a low impact on pollution and which also combines a proposed organic foods among others zero kilometers.
In short, in a nutshell, an experience to try, starting with one of these 5 unique places in the world.

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