School, a month to the new year and old problems: abandoned precarious workers, too many students in the classroom, Covid organic ‘no’, aerators and transport

Tomorrow is August 1, exactly one month from now 1 Septemberwe meet again in new school year. Will succeed The Draghi governmenthowever, remained alive for a few weeks only for “actuality”, to determine the many unresolved problems in our schools? It’s difficult, maybe impossible, given that we also have mid-August and a lot of staff on vacation. “Other than ‘Agenda Dragons‘, the Italian school needs the agenda Don Milani“, commented Giuseppe Buondonno, national leader of the Italian Left School.

Zero intervention

In preparing an analysis on the return to classes in September, Buondonno emphasizes that, in light of the return to class, “no structural work has been carried out, from the restoration of rooms to serious interventions in sanitation and ventilation. No intervention to reduce the students per class, on the contrary”.


The problem, the representative of Si claims, is also the scarcity of human resources: “there will be a shortage of tens of thousands of teachers, and many will continue to be uncertain“. And on the old track change to be hired in a confidential way, we return to talk these days (The school technique has also dedicated an online survey to it), after acknowledging that this year, too, tens of thousands of positions assigned to the hiring of the role will not have candidates and will “fat” the number of annual temporary workers.

Buondonno also remembers that at the end of September, but this is how it has worked in schools for decades, “they will be used classrooms as polling stations. That is why we do not have nostalgia for the “broad understanding of the government”, but we have to work so that there is no room for a court that will make things worse, “says the representative of Si.

What was needed

After the trouble and criticism, Buondonno moves on to requests: “To revive, defend, support the primary school in our country – he continues on behalf of the left party – concrete things are needed: maximum 15 students per grade; space recovery for new classrooms (renovated); employment of twice as many permanent teachers (stabilization of the historically precarious); doubling of public transport locally with eco-sustainable means; full time and longer in all schools (providing them with canteens)”.

In the list of measures to be taken in light of the new school year, the head of the Scuola di Si also includes “interventions and extraordinary funds for the largest areas school dropoutof educational and cultural poverty, more social disease; free education from kindergarten to university; at least bring it with you to 6% of GDP as in the European average general funds for education“Today around 4% and with the prospect of being reduced to 3.5% within a few years due to the low birth rate.

Mechanical ventilation only in a few institutions

One of the knots that was never solved in light of the new school year is installing mechanical ventilation in the classrooms.

As mentioned a few days ago during the broadcast What day is itbroadcast on Rai Radio 1 led by Francesca Romana Ceci and Massimo Giraldi, on the hot topics related to school and third reopening of institutions in the Covid era, the school has not lifted a finger since the pandemic came without first hearing from the Technical Scientific Committee. Except that the CTS for aerators, in particular, never gave compelling indications, but only recommendations, then met for the last time on March 30 last time and was dissolved after the end of the Covid state of emergency.

Until now, according to Gimbe’s estimation, the few institutes that have installed ventilation systems in the classroom have done so on their own initiative, thanks to local or regional funds. We are talking about very few schools compared to 42 thousand buildings.

In the meantime, guidelines were expected from the Ministry of Health: but we are stuck with drafts which, among other things, seem to indicate the principals as responsible. Instead, it is the local authorities: the municipalities for kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools. Provinces for high schools.

The core of the necessary funds

Then there’s the problem of the funds needed to install the aerators: we’re stuck 150 million approved with one of the various decrees Sostegni: they were used for thermal scanner and aerators.

It seems that for each classroom it is necessary to spend between a thousand and two thousand euros: it would therefore take about 700 million euros just to leave. Then there are other funds that must be set aside for cleaning and maintaining the devices.

An investment of one billion, perhaps even one and a half billion, would probably therefore be needed. A lot of money, which, however, would greatly reduce the risk of spreading the virus and improve the quality of teaching at the school, where another year of always open windows is expected.

No Covid staff and mandatory distance

But there is also the problem with lack of confirmation by the Covid employeesconsisting of over 50 thousand workers who were forced to sign a contract until the end of the lessons, mainly school collaborators.

The problem with distancing in class (recommended last year only), which is essential to prevent infections. The minimum distance meter is not observed, also because we have classes that, for example, in high school continue to be formed with at least 25-27 students.

And the rules about the so-called dimensioning, introduced by Law 133 of 2008 (the last Berlusconi government) has never changed. Not even with funds from the NRP. There was a multi-year commitment from Minister Patrizio Bianchi, but now with the new government it will be necessary to see if it is continued.

Masks yes, multiple transports no

And also that of masks it is a topic that awaits an answer. Barring last-minute surprises, anti-virus masks should be confirmed as mandatory in September, but those given to schools in the last two years are of very poor quality and almost always pupils and teachers have preferred to wear theirs.

Finally, there is the question transport: for high school students, they should have been strengthened. Again, there are few cases where this has been done. Especially in big cities they would have been very useful. For two school years, the problem was solved with double shifts, where boys were forced to return home already at

Now it is really difficult that all this can be achieved in just one month, among other things with many Italians on vacation and also stopped due to August 15th.

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