Furnishing your home in a modern style: the best photos and ideas

Decorating your home in a modern style will be easier than ever with suggestions from our designers! The key word is minimalism, essential and clean furniture, elegant and functional design furniture at the same time. We suggest more beautiful pictures where you can get inspiration and the best pictures to decorate the house, you will find many ideas and suggestions for a perfect modern piece of furniture.

Let’s see together the best ideas for every room in the house, from the living room and kitchen to the terrace.

Modern living room: the best interior design ideas

The living room in modern style is the most loved of all. Neutral colors and interior accessories from sharp and clean lines. Designing a modern living area means recreating a comfortable and relaxing environment capable of satisfying every need. The key elements are undoubtedly a large and comfortable sofa, elegant seats, from attractive design and a functionally equipped wall. Browse our photo gallery to find some beautiful suggestions.

Modern bathroom: the best photos

More beautiful than ever are the modern bathroom furniture! A perfect style for such an important home environment. Recreate one cozy space that makes us feel good is essential. Beauty and comfort merge with each other, sophisticated geometric shapes and quality materials. In modern bathroom furniture, the marble effect is king, accompanied by a play of light for a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Don’t miss the best pictures to copy.

Modern kitchen: style tips

A modern kitchen has a attractive design and the maximum organization of space. Everything has been taken care of, down to the smallest detail, well-finished worktops, quality materials and state-of-the-art white goods. That island kitchens or the peninsula are the most popular, comfortable and elegant at the same time, they cannot miss the original seats, with refined shapes and prints. Get inspired by our most interesting images to find the one that suits you.

Modern bedroom: photos and interesting ideas

Decorating the bedroom in a modern style can be really simple and fun, you can get inspiration from our best photo galleries to find the solution that suits you. Minimal furniture is the key to a modern and trendy space, intense colors and lively and mobile from innovative design It is fun.

Modern garden: the best photos

In the summer, there is nothing better than a well-designed garden with attention to the smallest details, we help you find the perfect idea to decorate the garden in a modern style. The first thing is division of space based on the function they have to perform, we proceed to the selection of furniture, the ideal is to choose to furnish accessories with practical and resistant materials, such as wood and aluminium. Lighting is also essential for a self-respecting garden.

Modern terrace: original proposals for copying

If you have a large terrace, you can treat yourself to decorating it as you prefer. In our photo gallery you will find the most interesting ideas for decorating a terrace in a modern style. The aspects that should not be overlooked in any way are the choice of flooring, furnishing accessories, which must be resistant and comfortable, and finally lightnecessary to recreate one relaxing environment and inviting even in the open.

Modern style colors: trendy ideas

If you’re wondering what colors to decorate a home in a perfectly modern style, Designmag has the right answer for you. The essential nuances are black and white, versatile and always trendy, white is able to make the surroundings brighter and more spacious, while black gives a touch of strength and audacity to the room. For a more romantic touch, all are ideal neutral shades, from beige, dove gray to powder pink.

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