Extraordinary competition Bis, teachers write to Pope Francis: “Intercede for us with the government”

A group of professors from the extraordinary competition Bis writes to the Pope, Pope Francis, “as the highest link between the world of the precariat and the world of politics”.

“The author is a group of teachers belonging to the great family of the Italian public school. We know that you are very sensitive to the appeal of the values ​​of fraternity, pedagogical training and socialization that the school has proposed for centuries. Unfortunately, politics in have long been deaf to the precious good that the school represents, for families, society and, above all, for the Christian community”.

It is still: “With enormous pain and despair, politics is increasingly distant from the real needs required of an inclusive school, open and above all welcoming to the most vulnerable. In this period of serious difficulties that our country is going through, the whole society, including the political class, see the school as the glue that every teacher represents to their students, who every day and with great love accompany towards a future of hope and joy. We, with deep respect, turn to you, tired of the constant rejections we have suffered in recent years and hope you will speak up for the world of politicians and bureaucrats who have often turned their backs on us.We represent thousands of families of precarious teachers who in this period is facing an unfair and unfair competition with extreme uncertainty”.

The coordination then relaunches: “We only ask that we be allowed to continue doing our work, and not be used as simple good gadgets just to hold together the complex machinery of the Italian school. Each of us on the threshold of forty or fifty years and after having used ourselves for the common good, cannot find ourselves without work, without hope and without dignity. We turn to you because we are tired of the demagogic no of those who are not able to understand the enormous social burden that is about to cause, and we turn to you as the highest means of benefiting others.”

Who enters the rankings

The ranking list contains the number of winners corresponding to the number of announced places for the relevant competition class in the relevant region (unless the number of participants for the test was lower). In fact, neither suitability nor rollover of the rank is foreseen in case of relinquishment of the position.

Here are the published rankings


A043 – Nautical Sciences and Technologies –


A043 – Nautical Sciences and Technologies –


A051 – Agricultural Science, Technologies and Techniques –


A011 Literary and Latin disciplines –

A020 – Physics –

A022 – Italian, history, geography in elementary school –

A026 Mathematics –

A027 Mathematics and physics –

A037 – Construction science and technologies / Representation technologies and techniques –

A041 – Computer science and technology –

A042 – Mechanical Sciences and Technologies –

A043 – Nautical Sciences and Technologies –

A047 Applied science and mathematics –

A050 – Natural, chemical and biological sciences –

AB24 – Foreign languages ​​and cultures in second level educational institutions (English) –

AC24 – Foreign languages ​​and cultures in second level educational institutions (Spanish) –

B016 – Computer science and technology laboratories –

B017 – Mechanical science and technology laboratories –

B020 – Food and wine service laboratories, Kitchen sector –

B021 – Food and wine service laboratories, Hall and sales sector –

Missing A014 – A028 – A040 – A048 – AJ56 – B016 – AD24 – BB02 – BB06 – AI24- B018 – B015 – AS55 – AB56 – A023 – B022 – B019 – B012 – B011 – B011 – B010 –


A043 – Nautical Sciences and Technologies –


A043 – Nautical Sciences and Technologies –

In some regions, trials are still not planned

These are Campania, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Veneto, Sardinia. In others, they only started for some competition classes

Extraordinary competition bis: in some regions they also try in August, in others everything is silent or postponed until September

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