City that you go “School of barrel” that you find. Italy as seen by a boxer. Interview with Simone Cicalone

Fifty years old from Rome with a passion for computer science and boxing, on his YouTube channel he churns out videos in a constant stream. The “social work” of telling the city fighters up to the “miserable lives” of the bosses: “The boys let themselves be enchanted by those characters. I wanted to explain what they were really like”

With the exception of a few unlucky ones, they all had a friend who was able to tell stories, to color the banality of an episode with facial expressions and language. Without inventing, but reinventing facts from time to time with the art of telling orally. Meanwhile, if that friend is no longer there because he got married (or you got married), because he recently discovered the lonely intoxication of smart work and the scooter, or he went despite himself to relieve with the speech. of purgatory, the advice is, while waiting to reach it, to search the net Simone Cicalone. 50 years old from Rome with a passion for computer science and boxing, on his YouTube channel ‘Scuola di botte’ he produces videos in a constant stream, accompanied by an overwhelming majority of comments between positive and enthusiastic.

He began by explaining the use of a punching bag, then shattered the mythomanias that populate the world of martial arts, and then jumped the fence by telling criminal biographies, then have to make real reports in vulnerable neighborhoods throughout Italy in the company of the fighter Mattia Faraoni. In an attempt to suggest a “healthy” morality, Cicalone resorts to ironic and direct language because he knows that rhetoric kills. In his digital theater, he created characters like the criminal Franchino (which is also uncensored) or Fabio is Bomba anarchica, a conspicuous middle-aged gentleman with too simple feelings for this sharp world.

If someone else remembered the stories about a school janitor, their binge eating as a child, or military service, people would be yawning after five minutes. If he tells Cicalone, you are as passionate as when you listened to audio narrations. (Then you say that the nomen omen is not true).

How many followers are there?

On Facebook 450 thousand, on YouTube 422 thousand: two different target groups, the first over 40, the second younger. Father and son often stop me on the street.

When did it start?

In late 2007, I posted a video on bag training because they asked me to at the gym. The visualizations shot up. He was born ‘Bad school‘. From 2009 to 2016 I suspended the releases because I was working on important tasks at Mondadori. Changing jobs I resumed until it became my only business.

How is it defined? Youtubers?

I prefer video maker.

His mockery of krav maga followers and teachers of various self-defense techniques has also drawn resentment.

It was a social work, always with a smile, against a company that dangerously fools someone that it can disarm an attacker armed with a knife thanks to some “secret” feature.

What disciplines did you study?

Judo, then kung fu and kickboxing. Boxing reached the age of 25 and I completed the process to train as an instructor. It’s a noble but mean sport, entry costs are low, and a popular gym can be found in even the dingiest of places. Teaching it, as I did, is more of a voluntary act than a source of income.

You have dedicated so many videos to the lives of the boxers, why did you come to tell them about the bosses?

On the wave of ‘Romanzo criminale’, by ‘Suburra’. The boys were enchanted by those characters. I wanted to explain what they were really like and their miserable end. Sometimes knowing the abstract is not enough. For example, if I show you how bad a junkie is reduced, you will understand better.

What feedback has it received?

It was an indirect incentive to study: there are those who brought the story of the Magliana band to school for an essay. But a unique reaction came from the son of one of the gang, who got angry because I had talked about his father. I replied that the story was in the books. And he: ‘But nobody reads the books while you’ve been seen by 500,000 people’.

And the news from Termini Station?

It’s a matter of putting degradation and problems under everyone’s eyes, as I also did for Milan. Many are unaware that the major stations are not the responsibility of the mayors, but of the other institutions. Or they think that arrest and tso is enough for some freaks. Instead, there would be a need for the constant presence of specialized staff: social workers, psychologists.

Among the latest videos, the one about the prolonged closure of piazza Colonna and piazza Montecitorio.

Closed even on Sunday, when the Chamber and the Presidency of the Council do not even work, they deprive Roman sites and tourists. With the exorbitant cost of police personnel and forcing passersby to pass through a small space. But I also showed the situation of the Colosseum: dirt, poor control, forbidden stairs that visitors go the same.

That is the mayor’s responsibility.

They offered me a ‘live’ with Gualtieri, but they wanted to agree on the issues and I refused.

Where do they mostly follow you from?

Surprise: not from Rome, but from Lombardy. I have been to San Siro, Rozzano, Quarto Oggiaro, Corvetto. The Lombard public has grown fond of the canal. They also watch videos about the Neapolitan neighborhoods, because in the imagination, together with Rome, they are the places that interest the most.

What do you design?

I would like to land on platforms like Amazon and Netflix. With different budgets and tools. So far I have generated my numbers by working alone.

How important is the technical quality of a video?

A summary in a few minutes can give a million impressions, another more elaborate much less. What captures is the argument.

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