Car theft: 6 tips to avoid having your car stolen in the summer

Car theft knows no end in Italy. After the drop in 2020, also thanks to the continuous shutdown and deployment of law enforcement agencies in the territory, in 2021 the stolen cars started to grow again with 104,000 thefts. In order, Campania, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Lombardy are the most exposed areas; every fourth theft takes place in Campania, Lazio is the region where thieves are more likely to lose track of stolen vehicles. It is therefore important to know all the tips on how to prevent your car from being stolen.

Car, motorcycle, truck theft 2021

Overall, the reported thefts in 2021 were 104,372, with a recovery rate of 37%. In detail, stolen cars reached 69,843 units (37% recovered), stolen vans were 5,268 (46% recovered, motor vehicles 26,707 (36% recovered) and heavy vehicles 2,194 (31% recovered). These are the key trends emerging from “Dossier on Vehicle Theft”, prepared by LoJack Italia, a company specialized in automotive telematics solutions and in the recovery of stolen vehicles, which collected and analyzed data from the Ministry of the Interior in 2021 and integrated with those coming from national and international investigations and reports on the phenomenon.After the significant retreat of the phenomenon in 2020 (the year of the shutdown and when restrictions on free movement due to the pandemic were felt more strongly), last year vehicle thefts started to grow again, albeit slightly (+ 2%): from total 102,708 cases in 2020 to 104,372.

How to prevent your car from being stolen in the summer: 6 useful tips

In light of the summer and in light of the resumption of the theft trend, LoJack offers six useful tips to avoid becoming a victim of what, after home burglary, remains one of the most difficult traumas for Italians to overcome: 1) Not distr burnt – Do not leave the car on and with the keys in, not even for a few seconds (for example while you are in a double row), they can be decisive for theft. 2)Watch out for the heat – Before leaving the car, make sure that the windows are closed tightly. Even a small opening can prove fatal. 3)Beware of parking – Do not leave your car in isolated or unattended parking lots and carefully observe the place where you leave the car. Don’t always park in the same place, habits allow the thief to better organize the theft. If you don’t use your car every day, make sure it’s parked where you left it. Reporting any theft immediately increases the chance of finding it again. 4) Be careful when leaving your car at the highway restaurant or shopping center – When you lock the car remotely with a smart key, you must always check manually that the doors are closed. A thief could jam the signal with a jammer and then enter the vehicle undisturbed and take advantage of the stop. 5) Never leave your PC or tablet in the car – Thefts of digital devices that are unwisely left in the car are more and more frequent. The thief does not need to see the owner of a vehicle with his own eyes and leave the PC in the trunk, he can easily choose his prey thanks to specific APPs for mobile phones that receive Bluetooth signals emitted by many devices, even when apparently inactive, signaling their position. 6)Protect your car with an anti-theft system or a recovery system – A mechanical alarm represents a slowdown in the thief’s activities and may make him prefer the removal of an unprotected car, but a high-tech and unshielded recovery system makes quick recovery of the vehicle very likely.

SUVs and motorcycles: the most stolen

After the significant withdrawal of the phenomenon in 2020 (the year of the shutdown and when the restrictions on free movement due to the pandemic were felt more strongly), last year it started to rise again, albeit slightly (+ 2%): from a total of 102,708 cases in 2020 to 104,372. The growth of the phenomenon mainly concerned the car/SUV and motorcycle/scooter categories, saving heavy vehicles and vans instead. What is really worrying, in addition to the reversal of the trend recorded last year, is also the confirmation of the difficulties encountered in the recovery of stolen vehicles with the percentage of recoveries that in 2021 dropped to 37%: almost two out of three stolen vehicles disappear into nothing. The annual analysis carried out by LoJack in this edition, in addition to providing an overall overview of the thefts of all motor vehicles, reports a new interesting data (investigated by the Ministry of the Interior) regarding the type of crimes committed to steal a vehicle : in 97% of cases behind this crime there is breaking into the vehicle with theft while it is parked at a safe distance from the rightful owner; in just under 3% of cases it is embezzlement, most likely committed to the detriment of a company that has unwittingly given it to a criminal; and in less than 1% of cases the vehicle was stolen after a robbery or other crime.

Stolen cars: Campania and Lazio the most affected

Particularly significant growth is registered in Campania (+ 7%), which thus consolidates the primacy of the area with the greatest risk of theft, with almost 27,500 victims in one year. In this region, which has had an undisputed record for years, 75 vehicles are stolen every day. At some distance, Lazio follows with 18,215 stolen vehicles in 2021 and another record: that of the lowest recovery rate at national level. In this region, only 30% (versus 37% nationally) of stolen vehicles are returned to the rightful owner. To complete the quintet of the “red stamp” areas, there are Puglia (14,498 thefts), Sicily (13,180) and Lombardy (11,636). The latter is number five in the ranking of car thefts, but is absolutely in the top positions for SUVs. Most stolen cars and vans The new growth in thefts has not significantly affected the ranking of cars preferred by thieves, with the first four positions remaining unchanged compared to 2020: Fiat Panda always leads with 8,816 subtraction (over 1 car stolen out of 10 is Panda), followed by Fiat 500 (6,743 stolen models), Fiat Punto (5,292) and Lancia Ypsilon (2,979). The Smart ForTwo Coupè (1,389) has risen by one place, displacing the Volkswagen Golf (1,381) from 5th place, while the ranking of the most attentive cars is completed by Renault Clio (1,284), Fiesta (1,059) and Opel CORSA (824) ) ) In total, these 10 models represent 44% of the car theft phenomenon in Italy. Van thefts, unlike cars, have suffered a contraction of 9%, reaching a high of 5,600 incidents. The phenomenon recorded a strong concentration in 4 territories: in order, Lombardy (1,213 thefts), Campania (880), Lazio (819) and Puglia (753).

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