Black Forest in Germany, what to visit with children

Are you looking for a fun and fascinating travel destination for your children? In the Black Forest, children can visit the best amusement parks in Europe, go hiking in the mountains and much more. Here’s what to do with the little ones on holiday in the Black Forest.

Do you want to visit a fascinating place surrounded by nature with your family? You can choose Black forest in southern Germany. It is an enchanted place that will appeal to children and where you can also find art, culture, nature and relaxation.

In the Black Forest, children can follow in the footsteps of Hansel and Gretel, visit one of the best amusement parks in Europe, go hiking in the mountains and much more.

Here are a few things to do with children while visiting this beautiful part of Europe.

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1) Go to Europa Park

Europa Park is also Germany’s largest amusement park the second largest in Europe and located on the edge of the Black Forest. There are tons of rides, including 13 roller coasters, for thrill seekers of all ages.

Rides, castles, fairy forests and so on are divided into different geographical theme areas: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Africa etc. The park also hosts a number of theatrical, dance and musical performances throughout the year. Several hotels, resorts and restaurants are present in the park complex.

For contacts: Europa Park, Europa-Park-Straße 2, Rust, Germany, +49 7822 776 688

Website: https://www. europapark. de / en / theme park / info / contact us

2) Swabian-Alemannic Carnival in the Black Forest

What distinguishes the Black Forest Carnival from other February carnivals in Germany is many different traditionsrituals and quirks peculiar to the region.

All ‘Alemannic Fastnacht (Black Forest Carnival) people dress up with scary costumes and grotesque masks and parade through the streets with sticks, whips, fake pig intestines and large bells.

The children they enjoy catching candy thrown from the parade.

Remember that the carnival parades in the Black Forest are famous for (harmless) jokes. If you already know you might not like being suddenly sprinkled with confetti or joked with fake animal guts, it’s best to stay away.

3) Visit the Triberg Waterfall

The Triberg waterfall is the highest in Germany and one of the main attractions of the Black Forest. A path leads to the top through the forest, with several viewpoints along the way to enjoy the beautiful waterfall from different angles.

The hike is very fun, adventurous and is also easy enough for small children. Spotting squirrels and birds along the way stimulates the youngest’s curiosity.
The Triberg Waterfall Trail is a great way to get familiar with nature and to channel some of the infinite energy that characterizes children.

4) Go and see the Vogelpark Steinen (Bird Park)

That Vogelpark Steinen (Bird Park) it’s a fascinating destination that kids will be talking about for months. The highlight of the park is the beautiful “Birds of Prey” show, where trained birds will amaze you with their tricks.

Many other adorable creatures, such as kangaroos, macaques, parakeets and monkeys, live in the Vogelparken.
The park also has barbecue areas and playgroundsto ensure families spend a day dedicated to wellness.

For contacts: An der L136, 79585 Steinen, +49 07627 7420

https: // www. the vogelpark stone. they /

5) Spend a day at Aqua Fun in Schluchsee

Located at an altitude of 930 meters (3,050 feet) there is Schluchsee, which is the largest lake in the Black Forest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. There are beautiful views and it is possible to go on boat trips, excursions and participate in sports facilities.

Schluchsee gets extra points from all families with small children thanks to his “Aqua Fun” pool, where there is the 105 meter long winding slide which runs into a large outdoor pool right by the lake. There is also a playground and it is possible to play volleyball and football.

For contacts: Freiburger Str. 16, 79859 Schluchsee, +49 07656 7731

6) Visit Steinwasen Park

That Steinwasen Park is a beautiful theme park in the Black Forest that promises a full day of fun for the whole family.

Steinwasen Park’s main attractions include slide, 4D cinema, suspension bridge, indoor play areasplaygrounds, water rides, thrill rides and much more.

The park is also home to several animal species, including chamois, lynx, marmots, wild boar.

For contacts: Steinwasen 1, 79254 Oberried, +49 07602 944680

7) Visit the city of Freiburg

You can visit the beautiful city ​​of Freiburg, stroll through the streets with children to discover the alleys paved with cobblestones from the Rhine. The heart of the city is the Piazza del Duomo with its splendid buildings. Also noteworthy is the old cathedral with a tower that represents a masterful work of Gothic architecture.

In the city there is great historical memories worth visiting, such as the house of the whale, where Erasmus of Rotterdam lived, and the fountain commemorating the inventor of gunpowder, Bertold Schwarz. The artisan quarters “Fischerau” and “Gerberau” are lovely.


https: // cultural journey. dk /

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