Atlas Concorde: awarded four times with Red Dot Designs

Atlas Concorde has won the award four times for four projects Red dotin the product design category: Boost Natural, Aplomb, 3d Wall Carve and Dialogo washbasins.

Atlas Concord | £ d WallCarve.

The evaluation criteria, assessed by an international jury of 48 members who screened over 20,000 applications from 60 countries, were based on “Research into design and innovation”.

A combination that has always characterized the Atlas Concorde. In fact, for almost seventy years, the Red Dot Design Award has been scouting for products that are the synthesis of a good project idea, innovation and production processes.

Atlas Concord | Boost Natural.

Peter Zec | Founder and CEO of Red Dot

«I was particularly impressed by the exceptional creativity displayed by the award-winning products. It is truly impressive and commendable that there are still design products that can surprise us in terms of form and function. (…) The fact that the quality of these products is equal to their level of innovation makes them absolutely deserving winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 ».

In line with this spirit, the four products presented by Atlas Concorde perfectly combine these concepts, also through collaborations with internationally known Italian design firms.

Atlas | Boost Pearl.

Boost Natural by Matteo Brioni

Born from the collaboration between Atlas Concorde and the Mantuan architect-entrepreneur, Boost Natural transfers the visual and tactile suggestions from raw earth surfaces to the world of ceramics. A tribute to Italian craftsmanship, this collection combines the technical performance of porcelain stoneware with the effect of clay with a color palette that incorporates the colors of selected countries, from Italian quarries.

Transfer the natural details in raw earth and the handmade touch of artisan know-how. This was the perspective that guided the research in the R&D laboratory at Atlas Concorde and Matteo Brioni.

There the jury’s motivation of the Red Dot Design Award: “This collection of ceramic wall tiles is a source of inspiration that communicates tradition and originality at first glance.”

Atlas Concorde | Aplomb.


Here is the inspiration at padding which, reinterpreted in a ceramic key, gives way to unprecedented aesthetic results. A delicate three-dimensional surface reveals iridescent accents when hit by the light.

That two textures – Minidots and Stripes – play on the apparent contrast between the brilliant three-dimensionality of the material and the simplicity of the graphic sign, characterized by micro dots, which only reveal unexpected variations up close, e.g thin lines with delicate chiaroscuro shades.

The collection Aplomb presents textures that have fallen in an extensive range of soft and dusty colors, as required by modern interior design.

The motivation of the Red Dot Design Award jury:”Aplomb coatings combine a modern look with a comfortable feel, creating a solution with great sensory impact.”

3d Wall Carve by Piero Lissoni

3d wall carving draws inspiration from the naturalness of engraved and hand-worked stones, with a surface that is moved by three-dimensional reliefs. In particular, the focus for Red Dot was the two patterns designed by Piero Lissoni: 3d characters and 3d squares.

The aesthetics of this collection are described in the extreme precision of the micro-reliefs that outline the surface, accentuated by the enamel finish that highlights the shape of the decorative motif with a luminous effect.

Atlas Concorde | 3d Wall Carve Sign Squares.

Two proposals where the designer has investigated the relationship between technology and art. As the designer points out “the three-dimensional texture enhances the minimalist graphics, as well as light and shadows, while the often irregular design lends an artisanal charm, achieved instead with a sophisticated hyper-industrial process..

To Sign, Piero Lissoni has chosen the fil rouge of abstract painting with an irregular surface between the play of light and shadow. Squares is a free interpretation of the handmade micromosaic, with small irregular squares that give movement and character.

There the jury’s motivation of the Red Dot Design Award: “With its natural appeal, this collection of ceramic tiles integrates seamlessly into modern living environments.”

Dialogue by Marco Ferrarini

This is the name of the line of designer sinks in porcelain stoneware designed by Mario Ferrarini for Atlas Concorde. The designer has worked on clean and parallel lines with an extremely calibrated design that carefully evaluates thicknesses, sections and proposes sinks in dimensions that meet the needs of the interior.

Ferrarini talks about the design process: “We did not start from a targeted analysis, but from a blank sheet of paper. We started with just two lines, our outer boundaries, the boundaries of our collection. As we move within these parallel tracks, we have placed full and empty spaces to create boundaries and depth. Wash basins and furniture are therefore the result of the interval between the different volumes in the third dimension.”

Atlas Concorde | Dialogo sinks.

The storage units have elementary geometries, a characteristic feature of Ferrarini’s aesthetic research – always aimed at minimalism, and are designed to bring order to the space. The structure of Matt lacquered mdf supports a stoneware porcelain top, the same as the sink, ensuring solidity, durability and resistance to water and oily products.

Dialogue suggests that the wash basin be combined with the suspended storage space with porcelain stoneware tops coordinated with the bathtub.

There the jury’s motivation of the Red Dot Design Award: “A sink that convinces with clean lines and an innovative design language that conveys an exciting union of opposites.”

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