“1300 teachers are missing, 80% of the seats are open”

TREVISO – 1,300 teachers are missing. There are many professorships destined to remain uncovered in the Marca schools after the closure of the posts in the role. About 80% of the total. The game is about permanent recruitment. Around 1,600 places have been allocated in the Treviso area for September, from kindergarten to high school. In the end, however, only a little more than 300 teachers will be able to be employed on a permanent basis. The most optimistic forecasts come to 400. But no more. The rest is again covered by temporary substitutes.

Where does the problem occur? “The government has made a good impression by endorsing something unattainable – he is attacking Giuseppe Morgantesecretary of the Uil School of Treviso – essentially the appointments have been approved a indefinite time only from the ranks with few members”. The reference is to the old ranks, which are now empty, and to the ranks of merit, formed after the last competitions. The number of recruits could increase slightly further thanks to some entries for the role from the provincial ranking for substitutes, especially for support. “Some specific Morgante places are foreseen, but still few.” The competitions themselves were not enough to solve the problem. This is also due to the many mistakes: several teachers did not pass the test. “Many people were left out because of competitions that were managed in a disastrous way, even with a number of mistakes stings Marco Moretti, secretary of Treviso-CGIL Flc. At Veneto level they are available for new entries in the role of just over 9,900 positions. Under these conditions, if 30% of the chairs are covered, it will already be a lot ».

The fact is that there is one great need for teachers. And so those who did not pass the competition in the end will work anyway and continue to rise to the chair as an annual alternate. “The mechanism is absurd. The competition is only set up in an academic way, among other things with many mistakes, without taking into account the skills acquired by those who have already taught since years ago, the point Morgante, then are the teachers who don’t pass, not good for a permanent contract, but then they’re fine for the job as a substitute teacher. The truth is simply that we don’t want to solve the problem of uncertainty in the school world.”

Meanwhile, the Treviso school office, led by the manager Barbara Sardella, pull straight. On Thursday, 295 newly employed teachers were formally assigned places. Now the interregional lightning call is expected (from 3 to 7 August). What does it mean? Qualified teachers who have not signed permanent contracts in other regions will be able to move to Veneto. Usually, however, the response is lukewarm, to say the least. Suffice it to say that last year with this system only 8 more teachers arrived at Marca. And between August 10 and 21, we will proceed with the appointment of annual alternates. “With these deadlines, says the secretary of Uil School, there is an opportunity to really get to the first of September with almost all the teachers in their places”.

Last Wednesday, a regional summit was held on the issue of Ata, support staff, technical and administrative staff. The Covid contingent will disappear in September next year, i.e. the extra staff that had been approved for control under the restrictions linked to the epidemic. But even on this front, the lack of staff is felt. There was a risk that there were not enough staff to open all the schools, which meant that classes ran smoothly. And so Carmela Palumbo, General Director of the Veneto School Office, has already approved 162 places for Ata as an exception for the institutions of Marca. “Here, too, the system will continue to function thanks to the substitutes, concludes Morgante on the balance, two thirds of the Ata staff, in the various profiles, will still be uncertain”.

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