The new Minister of Education? A really competent school person

The election grounds on September 25 also entail the appointment of a new minister of education, about whose name we are already starting to talk on the side of the center-right, which, based on the opinion polls, seems to be favored over the center-left in the government.

And it is precisely from those beaches that the multicolored vessel Vittorio Sgarbian art critic and already a university professor that some landing spots would open for, based on what we know.


More than culture, with which he is obviously more gifted, it seems that the right wing wants him for education, perhaps to revolutionize the school and perhaps also to bring order to a pile of laws and regulations that destroy both employment and the future . of thousands of substitutes and both the didactic life of the professors, now more bureaucrats than teachers, among other things also underpaid and without a work contract, even in the normative part.

But few believe that a personality should go to the department who not only knows about the daily school life, having come directly from the field after various degrees of election and appointment, but also about the endless forest of rules and legends which eg. an experienced trade unionistfor example, one of those who was the thorn in the side of the minister and the megaphone of the professors’ requests to make them go to the streets.

A union man who in every rule, even the clearest, bypassed the executive power in the field of education, has fleas, and almost always finds a vulnus to protest and call the teachers to rally.

A union man who tore his clothes to pieces when the government went straight without listening to the protests and declarations of the representatives of the teachers and the base, and who now becomes the executor and the proof of the facts.

Here a union man who, after resisting, puts himself at the head of the motley world of the school and meets the requests that the teachers pay their enrollment monthly.

But also a minister who, despite not being a teacher, spent his time on regulations and school policy with indications and proposals, such as Andrea Gavostothe head of school for the Agnelli Foundation.

We do not remember the curriculum, but we just remember that in every decision of the minister, from employment, to precarious work, to the order in its general phases, he always said something, also proposed solutions often in sharp disagreement with the responsible ministers.

In short, a new minister would be needed, whichever side wins, between right and left, who not only knows how to navigate schools and engage with children, but also the stormy and often conflicting rules that flood the principals’ tables. and prof.

A minister who in his past has also been a point of reference for teachers and families; who, because of his role, had the opportunity to examine upon entry the intricate forests planted by various politicians, often without school, and who also understood how to indicate ways out of them, both on the side of syndicalism, sometimes demagogic, and both parts on the government’s side.

And for this purpose we would like to indicate e.g. a minister as our director, Alessandro Giuliani who not only knows the most intimate problems experienced in the classroom, but is also very aware of the troublesome legislation that engulfs Italian education, commenting daily on this portal the news, even the most outlandish and harsh, that come to the fore .

In short, a minister who has cut his teeth, not behind the screen of politics or on the tables of abstract theorizing, but in the columns of a newspaper that for decades has commented with clear analysis, both on the union and political side, what is happening in the school motley archipelago where you try to build bridges between many islands to make only one well connected.

Perhaps he would finally satisfy the always turbulent teaching masses, but perhaps he would also be able to entice them if he succeeded.

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