The collective exhibition of painting and sculpture “Art and nature in the village” was inaugurated in Vitorchiano

VITORCHIANO (Viterbo) – Last Sunday the collective exhibition of painting and sculpture in Vitorchiano entitled “Art and nature in the village” was inaugurated, promoted in collaboration with the artist Isabella Bianchini and the cultural association AlmaMousiké ETS (third sector body). The evening was inaugurated by a wonderful concert with the soprano Maria Morena Lepri with Maestro Massimo Bianchini at the piano, president of the AlmaMousiké Association, with a varied and fun repertoire between Baroque and early Romanticism. The painting exhibition which will be open every afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 until 31/07/2022. The contribution and involvement of the municipality of Vitorchiano was very important, thanks to which it was possible to use the magical place of the Sala dei Capitals in the S. Agnese complex. The medieval structure of S. Agnese is the setting perhaps best suited to highlight the works present at the event. The exhibition features 14 artists who approach nature with different and interesting techniques, each in their own style. Flowers and gardens are told, living in the skillful palette strokes of two outstanding Roman artists Ines Acciarrini, born in the Marche region, with her delicate flowers and soft colors and Bianca Rita Teatini, Roman, with an impressionistic touch, brings flowers to life with the thickness of the material. Angelo Barilari, a Calabrian sculptor, engraves cherry wood and emphasizes the female form with the work “Nature is woman and mother”. Vittoria Baldieri’s poetics draws us into the forest with the first work “The Violinist” (oil on canvas), and with the second work “Sea, mystery and magic” (painted with acrylic). Maria Rosaria Verrone, artist from Cilento, represents nature suspended in the sky as a goddess surrounded by clouds and mimosas, symbolically paying homage to all women. Franca Nadani, Roman artist, surprises us with the triptych “Cagnolini” made in oil on an old restored door, the second work with “Children playing in the basement” painted in oil on a restored ancient panel, and the third work with “Puppies and the swing” the reference constantly tells us about the poetry from an old landscape era. Piera Fonzo paints his first work “Green garden” that introduces us to the very green effect of a wonderful bracket of tropical humidity, and with the second work he takes us into the transparency of a cascade of water entitled “Fresh waters ” (both oil) paintings). Also present is the work of Maestro Mario Perrotta with the work entitled “Eve first mother of nature”, which surprises us with the powerful feature that describes the primal femininity of Eden (oil on canvas). In the two oil paintings by Alessio Papa, art becomes classic and sensual with its fantastic and refined dream world. Donatella di Francia, tells us a story about a winged girl immersed in water in the work “The Nymph of the Forest” (oil on canvas). Maria Rita Mogiatti enchants us with her work “Fiori di artichokes” for the range of its extraordinary colors from violet to blue to pink. Toni Morelli immerses us in a seascape with a deserted and paradisiacal beach with the work “La caletta” (oil on canvas). Elena Cappellini with the work “Dreams from the past” reminds us with her earthy colors that nature is also primitive, with its suggestive and mysterious substance. The exhibition closes with Isabella Bianchini’s paintings, where the artist talks about nature, which is always present in her works, through her dreamlike visions made on large canvases with the 3 works “The last sun”, where the nostalgia of beauty is it blends in the context of ​​a naked young woman on horseback, among the waves of the sea at sunset, as an escape from reality or in a dreamlike and adventurous dimension; “Goddess of the deep sea”, where a gaze from the bottom of the sea watches us sternly, and from which the eyes seem to want us to become aware of the massacres, and of the polluting drift of plastic. Finally, “Selvaggia me”, where the human essence has not yet become aware of itself and is mysteriously identified with primeval nature (acrylic technique).

Alma Mousiké Association

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