Supplementary forever never placed in the role, Pittoni (Lega): so the school remains at stake

Even the league senator Mario Pittoni focusing on new teacher recruitment systemwhich originates from Law 79/2022 of June 29, which made the path to access the profession longer and more difficult, and almost ignores long-term temporary workers, who only get a simplified way to access public competitions.

Pittoni: Schools do not open without substitutes

The Northern League senator recalls “that the quality of teaching starts from an adequate knowledge of the characteristics and sensitivities of each student. An unachievable goal that depends on an army of substitutes, as is regularly the case following a policy that have long since given up investing in teachers, do not actually support their commitment, even in fragile or disadvantaged areas and make it difficult to even qualify”.


According to Pittoni, “the invariance of the expenditure is now the basis of the green light for any regulation on the subject”, but he continues, “if important funds for school structures arrive with the European intervention, without the state doing its part at the same time on the personnel front (inadequate and with salaries far from European standards), education remains at stake ”.

Finally, the Senator for the Northern League reminds us that “it is true that by 2026 there could be a need for 30,000 fewer teachers after the demographic decline, so we should even be grateful if the same number of school workers are funded. But it is forgotten, that the school offices are forced to look for 150/200 thousand temporary workers every year. Not to mention the deficiencies involving the administrative, technical and support staff (ATA), without which – concludes Pittoni – the schools do not even open “.

On the entries in the role reserved for alternates with at least 36 months of employmentthat access title required for entry to the competition class e pedagogical qualification – the so called “dual channel”, Already previously adopted to deal with emergency situations – ‘La Tecnica della Scuola’ has organized an online survey.

The M5’s veto

During the legislative assembly, which is coming to an end, the ‘no’ to the stabilization of teachers on the basis of the titles and services performed weighed heavily, the veto of the first party of the now finished Draghi government, M5′ the ones. But also the Democratic Party, Italia viva and Forza Italia have essentially agreed to interpret the article of the constitution literally, which only allows for taking on the roles of the state through competition.

The league has received on several occasions the request to cancel the temporary appointment by applying the European directive preventing the repetition of fixed-term contracts, the 70 of 1999, absorbing all the qualified persons with at least three years of employment behind them in the state roles.

The theme entered among the most cited in this at the beginning of the election campaign that will bring Italians to the polls on September 25.

The vote on School Technology

To readers of School technology, therefore we ask what they think about a recruitment model of this kind, where the recruitment must also be opened by long-term precarious workers: a modality that would, among other things, fill the many gaps in professorships that have brought Italy registration of the allocation of annual temporary workers ( over 200 thousand). A circumstance that could be repeated this year given the still many placements of the precarious workers that were sold out and the delays in the formation of the winners’ lists of the various competitions (ordinary and extraordinary) held in the last year.

But there is also a consideration to be made: what would the EU say if it passed this kind of recruitment with a preferential route for certain workers and therefore bypassing the classic general public competition? More than a few politicians have already said that Italy would not make a good impression.

Should we push to introduce temps with selection based solely on titles? Are you for or against?

Entries in the 2022 role continue to keep out a very large audience of insecure workers. The school competitions do not allow stabilization of the precarious and, with their imagination, also produce a high number of failures. The school year 2022/23 therefore threatens for the 10th time under the banner of empty and precarious professorships. La Tecnica della Scuola questions its readers on the subject.

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