SI FEST 2022, international photography goes back to school

A thread to follow, in the chaotic and crowded image universe: SI FEST, the festival dedicated to the different expressions of photography, returns to Savignano sul Rubicone, from September 9 to 11, 2022 and in the following two weekends. Now in its 31st edition and with the new artistic direction of Alex Majoli, SI FEST 2022 will present a series of exhibitions by the most interesting writers on the international scene, such as Lee Miller, Stephen Gill, Stanley Greenberg, Gunner Stahl, Jim Goldberg, in an original exhibition itinerary, mostly divided by school subject, starting from the municipal schools of the province of Forlì-Cesena.

In recent months, this edition of the festival, entitled “Asinelli solitari”, citing “Il chaos” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, has actually been prepared class by class, organizing specific initiatives for the students. And in September, the same school environments will be at the center of the exhibition’s itinerary, with a series of exhibitions set up between elementary and middle schools, primarily thinking of students and their teachers.

“When I accepted the position of artistic director of SI FEST, I realized that I didn’t want to make a festival for photographers”, said Alex Majoli. «I thought: I want to make a festival for children, for young people, for teachers and teachers and professors who teach in schools, to give them the tools to teach their subject. A festival is a good excuse to try this experiment and with courage we started this adventure. I’m honest: it’s not easy. It is not easy to convince certain photographers to exhibit in schools. If it were a museum, everything would be simpler, but that is exactly the challenge. We need to make an effort to change this mentality, to change photography. We must become more human’.

SI FEST 2022: the exhibitions at the Dante Alighieri School

Carried back between desks and blackboards, visitors to the festival are also invited to reason with the students’ mental plans: science, mathematics, history and other subjects are the subjects to which each of the exhibits is linked.

The path begins at the Dante Alighieri elementary school. The science exhibition is dedicated to “Dying of class”, a historical photo book with which Carla Cerati And Gianni Berengo Curtain gave impetus to the campaign of Franco Basaglia for closing asylums. The math is entrusted to the English photographer Stephen Gill and his “A Series of Disappointments,” an ironic reflection on the power of numbers in the lives of London punters. Physics, on the other hand, in the New Yorker Stanley Greenbergpresented with some photos from “Telescopes” and “Time Machines”, series dedicated to the instruments of observation of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, from black holes to neutrinos.

Carla Cerati, dying in class © Carla Cerati / Elena Ceratti’s archive

For biology, geography and religion, the field of study extends to video languages ​​with “Nsenene” off Michele Sibiloni“In Almost Every Picture #2” by Erik Kessels and “Holy Earthquake” by Barbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca. The history exhibition is instead a collective that traces the events of the last twenty years, from the attack on the Twin Towers onwards, through images from various agencies, including the Associated Press, Magnum Photos, Reuters. Sports? among many authors, there is also room for a splendid example of automatic photography, with a selection of Olympic photo finishes that, next to historical-sporting value, is a formal elegance worthy of works of art.

The other exhibitions

We then continue to the Comprehensive Julius Caesar Institute, with exhibits of Gunner Stahliconic portraitist of the American hip-hop scene, and of Lee Millera writer capable of producing artistic works, war correspondence, fashion shoots and author portraits over decades.

Another stop at the former Consorzio di Bonifica, where three international authors explore school cultures and very distant youth worlds, not only geographically: Thomas Dworzakwith some private portraits of Afghan student fighters, Kanta Nomurawho ventures into Japan’s oldest university students, e.g Ivars Gravlejswhich shows his quirky school photo diary, collected in post-communist Latvia in the 1990s.

Kanta Nomura, Old Darkroom

In addition to the exhibition itinerary for Alex Majoli, the festival also offers other exhibitions selected through competition and archival exhibitions. Also scheduled is SI FEST OFF, the independent section of the festival, this year hosted at Palazzo Don Baronio

For the full schedule you can see here.

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