On holiday with children, 12 things to do and see in Valtellina

For those who love the mountains, Valtellina is a must-see destination. Especially if there are children in the family. In fact, the entire territory has been structured to welcome the little ones with breathtaking attractions immersed in nature. We suggest 12 to do strictly with children!.

In the heart of the Lombardy Alps, there is a true paradise where you can spend your summer holidays surrounded only by nature. An enchanting place with large green expanses and postcard landscapes. We are talking about Valtellina, a destination that both adults and especially children like. And precisely for the little ones, this area has been organized over the years to offer unique experiences and continuous fun.

Walk in the sky

IN Choose Tartano one of the highest Tibetan bridges in Italy, the Bridge in the sky. The footbridge lies inside the valley and connects the villages of Campo and Maggengo Frasnino with the Rhaetian Alps in the background and a breathtaking view across the valley to Morbegno and Lake Como. Families who decide to participate in this experience will experience the magic of walking almost suspended in the void at a height of 140 meters by 234 meters: the light breeze felt at an altitude of over a thousand meters makes everything even more engaging and exciting .

For more information: https://pontenelcielo.it/

Multisensory experiences

That The way of the Ecomusense is a 1 km long multi-sensory itinerary located in the village of Gerola Alta. The route is accessible to all tourists, from adults to children and wants to stimulate and strengthen the five senses of its users among aromas, colors and spaces designed precisely to invite tourists to let go, enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscape and refine the use of the senses. Touch panels, sound tubes and wooden installations are just some of the activities that can be experienced and will capture the attention of tourists.

For more information: https://www.valgerolaonline.it/ecomusensi


Alpine Eco-Faunistic Observatory

In the heart of Aprica there isAlpine Eco-Faunistic Observatory it is the perfect destination for animal lovers. Here it will actually be possible to admire chamois, ibex, roe deer, squirrels and two bears that have been rescued from difficult situations and have now been reintegrated into an ideal environment for them. The observatory offers tourists of all ages unforgettable feelings: admiring the animals up close in their natural habitat is a feeling that is hard to forget. Children will be able to deepen their knowledge of the mountain and learn about the different species of animals that populate the observatory and learn to respect and love nature and the environment that surrounds them.

For more information: https://www.apricaonline.com/it/ mountain-summer / observatory-eco-faunistic-alpine


Games, water slides and fun

Spending the summer holidays in the mountains does not mean giving up diving in the water, on the contrary. Bormio Terme it is the ideal place for those who want to alternate nature and adrenaline with some healthy fun between swimming pools and water slides. Located near the center of Bormio, the property is the only one of the three wellness spa resorts in the village that welcomes children, including babies, and offers services designed and dedicated to them. The various activities and attractions that Bormio Terme offers its guests are so wide that they offer moments of fun for families visiting the center: the little ones can explore the three thermal baths with shallow water and dolls with splashing water, while a 60 meter awaits the most daring. Outside there are also swimming pools with hydromassage beds, perfect for taking relaxing breaks and enjoying the wonderful alpine panorama that surrounds the thermal baths.

For more information: https://www.bormioterme.it/

bormio terme

Baradello Wild Park

Kids looking for pure fun? Then you can only arrange one more trip Baradello Wild Park. Immersed in the Orobian Alps, the park is 100 meters from the Baradello lifts and extends over 15,000 square meters within the Aprica-Corteno area. Its 4 routes offer intrepid tourists wild and adrenaline-filled activities such as pulleys, lifts and obstacles: Bescolt is the itinerary suitable for children experiencing these experiences for the first time, Direttissima Inferior proposes 12 simple steps but still offers a first dose of adrenaline, those who want to test their courage can test their strength in the upper Direttissima, while the ZipLine offers jumps into the void at a height of 15 meters for exciting adventures.

For more information: https://www.baradellowildpark.it/

baradello wild park

Family Bob

That Family Bob is the first and only rail bob in all of Lombardy, the perfect adventure for all those families looking for a day full of carefree and absolute fun. It is located inside Bormio area, at the arrival of the Isolaccia – Pian della Mota cable car and is easily accessible to any tourist. Family Bob consists of a two-person trolley that runs on rails located along the slope of the mountain; moreover, thanks to the presence of the brake, any traveler can moderate the speed of the carriage. It winds through alpine landscapes of rare beauty in a larch, pine and spruce forest that invites you to live every second to the fullest; also thanks to parabolic and spiral curves and panoramic views of the valley, tourists will live a unique experience of its kind to discover Valtellina in a completely alternative way.

The attraction is open to all travelers, children from 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult, while children from 8 years old can have fun on the bobsled without the presence of a companion.

For more information: https://www.bormio.eu/it/il-family-bob-le-mini-montagne-russe-dell-alta-valtellina

family bob

The whole of Valtellina offers young and old the opportunity to choose from a wide range of unique activities and experiences. In Valchiavenna, for example, there is the Parco delle Pots of giantsa nature reserve that lies after Chiavenna and that has holes in the shape of bowls born from the erosion of the glaciers and that has rock carvings, for a journey back in time.

It is located in Madesimo Mountain Man Ranch, a riding stable which, from the beginning of July to the end of August, opens its doors to its younger guests who want to take their first steps in riding. Children and teenagers can participate in horse riding, pony rides and real riding lessons to learn this wonderful sport.

the pits of the giants

That Larix Park it is located in the heart of Livigno and has 8 routes suspended between larch trees. Here, tourists will have fun among Nepalese bridges, wooden walkways and launches with lianas, all suspended 17 meters high.

The little alpeggiator is a playful-recreational experience conceived by Sondrio and Valmalenco Consortium. It is a farming experience that allows children to live the life of a high mountaineer for a day and learn to appreciate nature and life in the great outdoors.

Not far from Sondrio is Bosco dei Bordighi, a nature reserve for all those families looking for a place to escape from the heat of the city. Throughout the park, there are flat paths equipped and guided, which will allow tourists to discover the flora and fauna of the place.

Then there is no shortage several training farms that offers engaging activities in contact with animals, specially designed for the little ones. One of these is undoubtedly the La Fiorida farm, which offers the youngest guests unforgettable days inside the farm itself: the children will be accompanied on an experiential tour where, in addition to visiting the educational farm, they will be able to experience the experience of making butter and cheese.

For more information: https://www.valtellina.it/it/vacanze-in-famiglia

larix park

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