“Offers for poor children”. He then drugged the victims and robbed them

It presented itself as one benefactor looking for offers for poor children. With his gentle manner he approached the victims and, when their trust was won, saw them he drugged with drugs and robbed them. According to the investigators modus operandi of a 47-year-old Italian who ended up in handcuffs was always the same, now tested in a series of hits scored against the unfortunate, mostly elderly people. The woman, who is already known to the police for specific precedents, including theft and bypassing disabled persons, was arrested and transferred to prison of San Vittore in Milan with very serious charges ranging from aggravated robbery to serious personal injury.

The investigation of the city ended in prison had started a year ago after the case of an 83-year-old from Roncello (Monza Brianza), who was found by his son at home in a state of unconsciousness. The elder had said he had asleep after drinking chamomile tea with a woman who had knocked on the door asking for funds for charity. Medical examinations had confirmed that a massive intake of benzodiazepines, powerful drug that the false benefactor would have given him without his knowledge. When he woke up in the hospital, the man realized that he no longer had a necklace with some medals and a wedding ring around his neck.

Subsequent complaints had prompted investigators to look into the matter and discover that the 47-year-old had a very precise technique. According to reports, the woman was able to bring these drugs fake doctor’s prescriptions, which he exhibited by boasting that he was in psychiatric treatment. In one of the shootings attributed to her, the attacker had met an 84-year-old man in a bar, and at home she had drugged him with a “correct” chamomile with benzodiazepines and later robbed. A similar episode was also recorded in Como, where a 65-year-old contacted on social media by the fake benefactor had been drugged after having a drink in his company. In the same way – Milano Today reports – a 51-year-old resident of the Milan province had fallen in trap accept a polite invitation to the cinema and have a chat: after a “correct” drink, the victim woke up in the emergency room of the hospital in Vimercate, exempted from 150 euros and positive for the toxicological examination.

According to police reconstructions, the woman had managed to carry out her most profitable scam in June last year, after contacting a 71-year-old from Irpinia on social media. In the chat, it seems that the man had confided in the attacker that he wanted to sell his collection of coins and gold tips, to a value of approximately 80 thousand euros. By then, the woman who claimed to be able to help him had managed to meet him. After the usual drink, the two went to a shopping center where the 47-year-old, taking advantage of the victim’s confusion, would be able to use her credit card to buy 4,000 euros worth of gold jewelry and clothing worth 100 euros in a jewelry store. On a subsequent occasion, away to Turin, the woman would also have managed to rob the victim of his precious collection.

After months of investigation, it was triggered the arrested, with the execution of a security measure in prison issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Monza. During the search of the woman’s house, the carabinieri found 10 gold spikes; gold bracelet; 2 bottles of “delorazepam”, 1 bottle of “sedivitax” and 2 thousand euros in cash. Now 47 must be responsible for the accusations of: aggravated robbery by incapacitating the victims, as well as in some episodes, with the aggravating circumstances of having committed the crime in a private home and against a person over 65 years of age; personal injury aggravated by futile causes consisting of psychophysical change from benzodiazepine poisoning; continued bypassing of incapacitated persons; continued illegal possession of narcotic or psychotropic substances; improper use and counterfeiting of non-cash payment instruments

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