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“Art shakes the dust that accumulates in everyday life from the soul”.

We’re not saying it, he said it Pablo Picassoone who knew about art. Marzia Boaglio she is a graphic designer, an artist, an interior designer… we don’t know how to define exactly; patented the concept “Story art design”, namely the idea of ​​surrounding ourselves not only with furniture and furnishings, but with stories, to enhance our lives. Marzia Boaglio does this: she tunes into the client’s vibrations and designs with his help in the form of art the environment he still doesn’t know he wants, but which he will no longer be able to do without. Because? Why should we dive into one less superficial everyday life, breathes emotion as if it were oxygen into a world that often deprives itself of it, trivializing its fundamental importance. We met her. “On my journey, nothing has been taken for granted, every piece has ultimately found its place. I am born graphical designerwith studies on IED and a graphic path that led me to work in 2006 for Olympic Committee. I was young and I grew fast and a lot. After this experience, I worked in a communications agency and then started my own business. One day, by chance, but not so much, the opportunity came: a friend asked me for a drawing for the inlay in a door and invited me to copy some subjects for the decoration. The turning point is all in one no: I don’t want to copy, I want to propose my own drawingsmine ideas, and then I remain silent. I have always loved and studied the free, strong and evocative expression of Futurismconjugated to a abstractionism which belongs to me by nature: this is the background of my style, which has grown, like me, one step at a time. When the fascination of art touches your soul, you cannot go back, although the legacy of the graphic designer will always remain in me: in my veins I feel the need to communicate and tell, translate the wishes of the customer.

It is born from this almost bony vibration “First Story”a path that runs on poetic-evolutionary lineage: from a “Kiss” to“Sunrise”up to “Family” and all “I go” what follows; a journey that is only apparently simple or linear, to be enjoyed in every nuance. Each drawing became a post, the face off four doors which summarizes a family history. It was a surprise to see it in treealmost magical, prenI give life art, dream And new possibilities. I have felt like a mystery to be discovered, a treasure chest withlieutenant world, but who does not find his identity. But watching “First Story” I realized as if there was no one telling stories through the interior designand in this “void” I found it my place, myself, my uniqueness“.
The recipe is simple and exactly the opposite: Marzia listens, takes notes, empathizes with the customer. This process emerges from a raw form of feeling and ideas into which Marzia’s trait is transformed art and functionality; unique products as the path that generates them. The result is interior design elements of excellence, with attention to every detail and of great value, both in the materials used and in the creation process: “The real spark ignites when sensitivity And fantasy stand side by side and mingle with the incredible art craftsmen who guard a manual and poetic tradition, which we must protect. It is a dialogue, a dance between abstract And concrete, which produces warm human art. Art we need. And after the doors and the paintings, the time has come for other furnishings, for new lines … It is because I wanted to demonstrate to myself and others, potential art “made to measure” at the service of oneemotion. The next step was more than unexpected: the love of painting, that blossomed almost by chance, like the loves that flare up. A game of freedombetween colors, substances And techniques various. Symptom of an expression in search of an ever wider canvas, of a world perspective where art permeates every element. We are made of these sparks, I am aware of that, but sometimes I notice that it is not obvious. That’s why I leave one for each job personal letter, the story of the creative process, of how it was born and how it developed. ONE different dialoguewhere the customer, if he wants, is called to participate, looking for something more ».

Shortly said Futurism he screamed at the future; here whispers, steadfast, the feeling that Marzia Boaglio impressing objects, through a craftsmanship that really closes the poetic circle of a furniture line (and not only) only.

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