“Block the sale of Ater houses”

The minority in the municipality of Lido Pellestrina questioned Ater, the regional body that allocates public housing, as well as the councilor of the Veneto region Elena Ostanel (Veneto Che Vogliamo) for the “Garden City” complex. “The neighborhood – reads the text of the councilors Laura Prevedello (Verdi Progressista), Danny Carella, Leopoldina Bernardi, Nicolò Angelo, Alessandro Ruben Strozzi, Clara Zaninotto (Democratic Party) Alvise Pagan (Venice is yours) – still maintains its own identity today city – and social planning on the island of Lido. It was built more than a hundred years ago on a project proposed by Nicolò Spada, the same entrepreneur of Excelsior, and subsequently entrusted by the Municipality of Venice to the Autonomous Institute of Public Housing for the construction of 221 homes ». Today, there seems to be no fate for the more than 50 empty apartments owned by Ater, located between the streets Pizzamano, Sandro Gallo, Paruta, Marin Sanudo, Sabellico, Garzoni, Zante, Piazza Traù, Piazzetta Sebenico and Riva di Corinto.

Two “parallel” questions were asked. “The Lido is an island that, despite a very strong building growth, has fallen from over 20,000 inhabitants in 1950 to under 16,000 current inhabitants – it reads in the documents – An Ater intervention for the recovery and allocation of these homes can help to return stable stay at low prices for a reality like Lido in Venice characterized, for better or worse, by an intense, predominantly seasonal tourist call “These are small buildings consisting of 4-6 apartments, while some include 8-12 lodgings, each different from the second, with many arched windows and balconies and gardens full of vegetation, built to be assigned to families of workers, fishermen, agricultural workers, clerks and, in general, to those in greater need. “Ater apartments that to date
more than 50 are not allocated, just as some shops on the ground floor are empty – the question continues -. The mayor and the municipal council are asked to find out how many of these properties are ready to be assigned, and how many are awaiting maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary, and whether there is a tender in relation to the shops that must be recovered. provided for the task at a controlled price, or possibly the allocation to the associative substance present on the island ».

Meanwhile, the USB union reports that it has obtained a second postponement of the eviction of a tenant from Mestre who had to leave the house due to innocent arrears after losing his job during the pandemic. «Asia Usb (Tenants and residents’ associations), with the support of the Communist Front and the Communist Youth Front, were on the side of the tenant and thanks to the solidarity of everyone we managed to achieve this victory. However, we know that this is a temporary victory, embedded in a wider process of increased evictions and worsening of the housing emergency in the Municipality of Venice as well as in the rest of Italy. In this context, the municipality does not provide valid solutions for the approximately 2,000 families who are at risk of eviction, and the Region gives Ater Venezia the okay to sell almost a thousand houses – writes the foundation association – The evictions must be stopped immediately, the sale of the general housing stock , approved by the Region, stops. We need serious investment in public housing that starts to see public housing as a right and not an asset to make money. The municipality must then requisition the vacant homes of Ater and the large owners and insert them into a plan for extraordinary tasks to deal with the housing emergency. It is necessary to create a front of struggle for workers, unemployed and students, for housing and for all denied rights, such as work, education and health, against the privatization and corporatization of services ”.

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