APENNINES: School of political ecology in the mountains

Registration is open until Monday 22 August by third edition of School of Political Ecology in the Mountains, a unique experiment at national level open to twenty students from all over Italy, dedicated to the deepening of a stream of interdisciplinary studies which critically and positively addresses the relationship between man and the natural environment – and in particular between man and a specific territory such as mountain.

A third edition is planned from 16 to 18 September 2022always on the territory of Castiglione dei Pepoli and from a network perspective across the entire Bolognese Apennine area (thanks to the already established collaboration with i Camugnano municipalities And San Benedetto Val di Sambro and with the Bolognese Apennine Union). Designed by Boschilla And Articles is already supported by the Emilia-Romagna region, the school confirms partnership with Association Riabitare Italia – Italian reference point on the study and development of inland areas – to which the important is added this year support from the city of Bologna and technical cooperation between ART-ER.

For its third edition, the school of political ecology in the mountains it will develop moments of debate, training and collective reflection around the concept “energies”, to reject the term consciously in the majority, and always and in all circumstances from the point of view of inner regions.

We start from the essentials energy issues and therefore from the challenge that ecological transition poses to the current production system, by analyzing both the issue of energy supply from the perspective of mountain areas and the potential and limits of today’s renewable sources, then moving on to an in-depth analysis of energy communities, territorial networks of producers/consumers of renewable energy that share excess energy on the grid. Focus will then be reserved for community energies: individuals and associations who choose to live, live and work in the area, able to use their experiences to redraw the inner areas by each in their own small way overturning the historical subordination that separates them from the city. Starting from this track, some collective and participatory experiences that animate the Apennines will be presented, transforming these marginal lands into lands of social and cultural experiments.

To discuss it, teachers and experts of international caliberamong which Augusto Ciuffetti (Marche Polytechnic University), Giulia Sonzogno (Gran Sasso Science Institute of L’Aquila and contact person for the Internal Areas Technical Committee at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the Officina Giovani Aree Interne project), Giada Coleandro (University of Bologna), Attilio Piattelli (president Impresa21), e Ivano Scotti (University of Naples “Federico II”). There seminar dimension will alternate with moments of didactic trekking, along paths and themed routes, led by GAE environmental guides and guests such as Alessandro Runci (researcher and activist ReCommon) and ATHAMANTA group.

The busy schedule is over thaw public meetingsopen to all citizens: Friday, September 1621.00, the results obtained by action research project, launched after the 2021 edition of the school, “Lanes to inhabit”, An in-depth study of the socio-territorial context of Castiglione dei Pepoli, which deals with examining, from different angles, the theme of repopulating the territories of the Apennines. The focus on the internal areas will then continue Sabrina Lucatellidirector of Rehab Italy and member of the evaluation unit in the department for cohesion under the presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Saturday 17 Septemberinstead, the School will be the host Maurizio Carucci (Ex-Otago)singer-songwriter and walker, inhabitant of the Apennines, for a musical speech where he will exchange the story of his territorial development project POP The Apennines live acoustic performance of some of his songs.Also this year, at the end of the school, the group will be awarded a collective scholarship to promote one action research project conceived annually on the basis of the ideas that emerged during the three days of work, starting from a reflection on the social consequences of an energy community in the Apennines: a first construction of the project itself will be held during the school, in an open discussion between teachers and students, coordinated by Boschilla and the ART-ER expertswho can bring the experience and knowledge related to the recent regional energy society law and the path of CO2 neutrality to 2050 in the Emilia-Romagna region.

The results of the project will be presented in the 2023 edition.

Registration is open until Monday 22 August 2022: the organizers will communicate the result of the selection no later than Wednesday 24 August 2022. More information and registration procedures at www.scuolaecologiapolitica.it.

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