Adventures under the umbrella, 10 books for children from 3 to 11 years

Suitcase ready? Are you sure you entered everything? There is probably still room for a fun, amusing, exciting, adventurous, imaginative book…. In short, for one of the ten ideas that we suggest this week. Enjoy the reading!

Books for 3-year-olds

Goodnight moon

by Margaret Wise Brown

Publisher: Nord-Sud

A classic of children’s literature, loved by generations of readers, perfect for bedtime.

Books for 5 year olds

A water leak

by Pauline Delabroy-Allard

Publisher: Camelozampa

One night, little Nino wakes up and realizes that there is water on the ground. And if it was the ocean, what does Nino see through the washing machine door? An amazing journey begins…

water loss

Books for 6 year olds

Striped jokes

by Beatrice Bassoli

Publisher: Gribaudo

A hilarious collection of cartoon jokes, riddles, jokes and puns…in short, a book to burst with laughter!


Books for 7-year-olds

Ink stitch, the ink monster

by Ursel Scheffler

Publisher: Piemme

Inkiostrik is a little monster, and as such he loves all things ugly, disgusting and horrifying. He lives off ink and lives in a dirty, dusty school basement – what better place to hunt for his favorite food!

ink stroke

Books for 8 year olds

Roji! The path of emotions

by Keisuke Kotobuki

Published by Mondadori Electa

Yuzu and Karin are two sisters with extremely different characters: one is frivolous and the other is serious. Full of curiosity and tireless, they live life in the neighborhood, or rather in their alley, with bizarre ideas that are shared with other children.


Handbook for young Capricorns. Everything you need to know to tackle the mountain with ease

by Irene Borgna

Publisher: Salani

A book about becoming a wanderer. With your family or independently, discover all the secrets of hiking: from organization to choosing equipment, from orientation to recognizing animal tracks, through the dangers to consider and the solutions to be implemented in case of small and large unforeseen events..


Books for 9-year-olds

A monstrous summer

by Nicola Brunialti

Publisher: Lapis

The twins Hans and Greta spend their holidays at the Edelweiss campsite, which welcomes girls and boys up to 12 years of age. Everyone knows that senior boys are destined to experience extraordinary events, and the two brothers, on the eve of their 12th birthday, are dying to find out what will happen to them.

a monstrous summer

Books for 10-year-olds

Little Women in New York

by Rey Terciero

Publisher: Piemme

Yes, nonconformist and in search of himself; Meg, passionate about fashion always in search of true love; Amy, obsessed with video games and body positivity; Beth, between black music and a bigger fight than her. The four sisters who made millions of readers dream return in a graphic novel set in 21st century New York.

little women

Books for 11-year-olds

The last wolf

by Mino Milani

Publisher: Piemme

Enzo is a boy without interests and desires who thinks he has nothing to learn from his old uncle. However, two days with him completely change his perspectives. Enzo knows that he will never get the chance to see his uncle again, but he also knows that this was the most important meeting of his life.

the last wolf

Julius Caesar was cool

by Annalisa Strada

Publisher: Piemme

Detailed (and slightly gossipy) biography of Gaius Julius Caesar and a not too synthetic version of his extraordinary achievements: knowing them will allow you to understand the reasons why we still say about him today … “But, what an extraordinary guy!”.

Julius Caesar

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