A collection of books for the parents of the children hospitalized at Gaslini: Valentina’s solidarity and the associations that support her

Valentina Torriti is not only the mother of an angel named Andrea, but the creator of various initiatives to support parents of children admitted to the hospital for long stays at Gaslini in Genoa. The goal is now a collection of books. Several associations that support it in the initiative as collection points.

“Sometimes I think the sky reads continuously, without end”he wrote Virginia Woolf, aware of the pleasure of reading a book. Because yes, reading is fun and in some cases it can represent the escape from the more troublesome thoughts occupying the head.

Valentina He knows. She is one of the mothers who spent days, weeks, if not months, in the corridors and rooms of the pediatric hospital Gaslini in Genoa, thinking about one of her four children who was hospitalized for the diagnosis of a brain tumor. When her son Andrea had to succumb to the disease, however, she did not forget the suffering and worry that parents feel with a hospitalized child, and from that moment on she has carried out projects and initiatives to give them comfort. So if at Easter Valentina had collected hundreds of Easter items to be delivered to Gaslini’s mothers and fathers, a few weeks ago she activated a collection of booksexclusively addressed to parents of hospitalized children.

“Through the social page of the Gaslini hospital, I had read about the Association de Tommy’s dream who for several years has looked after the library for hospitalized children – he explains Valentina -. I wanted to think once more about the parents of these children, and I contacted the association and asked if I could take care of collecting some books for adults. It was a project that the association had also thought about, but until then it had never been started, so I took care of it.’

“It also happens that my wishes are always accepted – Continue Valentina -. The post I published on social media had over 600 shares and already in the first three days from the publication of the initiative I started receiving the first books. Perhaps it means that I am simply a mother who tells her story, that people identify with what I have experienced firsthand, and therefore support me in my initiatives’.

And so it was. Among the various associations that have adopted Valentina’s initiative, there are Flippiness, an association active in promoting and organizing training courses for young people with the aim of helping them develop their talents. Flipness was born from the will to Giambattista Schiaffinowhose son Filippo, died prematurely at the age of 21.

“I met Valentina by a strange coincidence – Narrator Giambattista Schiaffino -. Through a social page of Genoa fans who do charity for a community of children in difficulties, I saw Valentina’s post because her husband is also a fan of Genoa like me. I thought we could also lend a hand and act as a collection point for books. We have two things in common, a team and an angel: participating in the initiative seemed to me the right and most immediate thing. So, in addition to being born a friendship, we began to recover more books and I have many people who will arrive between the end of August and the beginning of September to give us more.”

“If you are a parent of a child who is sick, you live with that thought 24 hours a day. But in the long term you get used to everything, and there are probably times when it might even be possible to distract yourself .and find a moment to relax. – continues Giambattista -. I imagine myself in that situation. I think there is a little distraction, but maybe a poem, a paragraph in a book can take you away for a moment, give you some help from a psychological point of view. I learned that when these things happen to you, your life is reduced and you remove many superficial things, you go right to the bottom of everything, but maybe the words written by someone are enough to give you a reference. And then there is always the logic I use in life: why not?“.

The collection of Valentina Torriti’s books ends only on 15 September. The books must be new and intended for adults, because the Gaslini library thanks to itTommy’s Dream Association, is already well filled. You can contact a pick-up location listed on Valentina’s Facebook page or send them through a consignment.

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