100% Italian design and quality

Made in Italy furniture and interior design accessories with an unmistakable design and unique and incomparable quality. All this is Semeraro, Italian company founded in 1987 by the homonymous family.

The passion for furniture is a family thing for the company Semeraro to for over thirty years it has designed and manufactured 100% Italian furniture and interior design accessories. Tradition, creativity and quality are the characteristics that have given the brand the opportunity to grow and become known in the sector.

The company’s mission Semeraro

The mission is simple and clear, meeting the needs of the typical customer: exclusive products and excellent value for money. The satisfaction of the end user is therefore the purpose on which the entire company structure is based. In fact, every day Semeraro works with the creation of furniture and accessories that on the one hand focus on tradition and on the other hand for functionality for a house that can best meet the needs of today’s residents.

The blue-green color in furniture: combinations and how to use it at home

What the company offers Semeraro

The offer from the Italian company is very wide: from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom and also for office furniture. This includes all the useful complements and accessories for the home, therefore everything related to lighting, as well as tables, chairs, curtains, rugs and decorations such as paintings and clocks. Basically when you come from Semeraro it is possible to completely furnish your home.

The catalog has as a whole over 10 thousand products and periodically it is possible to take advantage of many promotions. In this sense, it is also possible to consult the relevant ones the “outlet” section.online and in store, which contain advantageous offers without compromising on the quality and unique design of the interior Semeraro. At the moment you can buy from home or alternatively book an appointment in one of them 5 points of sale located from north to south on Italian territory. They are mainly located in Brescia, Bergamo, Verona, Ferrara and Catanzaro. Finally, among the various services offered, it is also possible to get personal advice from staff specialized in the sector. Every year they are over 250 thousand users those who trust this Italian excellence to furnish their homes.

Semeraro: quality Italian furniture and accessories – PEXELS

Semeraro it is also respect for the environment

Respect for the environment, and for man in general, is the perspective through whichSemeraro company works every day. The goal is to take care of the earth and leave to future generations a world that has not suffered too much during the passage of its predecessors. This is done through the selection of sensitive and conscious suppliers. Not only in, for example, electrical products, such as light bulbs, lamps and appliances of various kinds, the WEEE eco-contribution for disposal is already included in the price.

The dove gray color in the furniture: vintage or trend?

Pills of curiosity – I didn’t know that. And you?

  • With “Best Country Report 2021“, written by US News, BAV Group and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has gone to measure in some sense perception of Italy and Made in Italy in the world. To investigate how nations are perceived on a global scale, a series of questions are asked annually to more than 20,000 people in 80 countries. In the report for 2020, Italy is in 16th place in a ranking of 78 countriesi, to get a position compared to the previous year. The first 5 positions are filled, from the first classified to the fifth classified: Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.
  • In detail about specific areas, our country would hold the 1st place for cultural influence and 2nd place for tourist attraction and artistic prestige. Less well in terms of bureaucracy and efficiency in public administration, in fact in B.rand Finance Nation Brands 2021Italy takes 9th place.


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