White noises, what are the ideal relaxing sounds for sleeping

Noise offvacuum cleaner or that of hair dryer they relax and help me newborns to to sleep, you know. But they can also work with adults, who are more often fascinated by a poetic sound like rain or ocean waves. But the principle seems to be the same: a sound with constant height and volume. But how does it work? Why white noise relaxes? This is its name indeed, but there is also pink noise and other types of sound that can have a beneficial effect on our mood and our sleep. Here’s what’s behind this mystery and what are the best ways to make or find white noise.

What is white noise?

That white noise refers to a noise that contains all frequencies of the audible sound spectrum in equal measure. Because it covers multiple audio bands, it is sometimes called broadband noise. Other examples of white noise, or rather similarities to understand what we are talking about, are the sound of static electricity coming from an out of tune radio or television.

Scientists have been studying the effect of white noise on humans for many years and found evidence that it can reduce crying in infants, improves job performance and potentially helps address the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Numerous studies have also investigated how white noise can affect sleep human.

What are pink noises?

Like white noise pink noise it is a broadband sound that contains components from the entire sound spectrum. Pink noise contains sounds within each octave, but the strength of its frequencies decreases by three decibels with each higher octave. As a result, pink noise has a lower pitch than white noise. The researchers compared the sound of pink noise with the noise produced by a waterfall. Studies have found that pink noise can improve deep sleep in the elderly and improve cognitive performance.

There is also brown noise

That brown noisealso called red noise, is another broadband sound like white and pink noises. Similar to pink noise, brown noise contains sounds from every octave of the audio spectrum, but the power behind the frequencies decreases with each octave. This drop is twice that of pink noise, resulting in a sound that people perceive to be deeper than white or pink noise. In research findings, people have claimed that brown noise reminds them the sound of rain or one shower.

Studies have shown that brown noise can be helpful in reducing symptoms in people who suffer from it tinnitusbut its effect on sleep has not been thoroughly studied.

Does white noise help you sleep?


A recent analysis of several studies on the effect of white noise on sleep yielded mixed results. The authors question the quality of the existing evidence and conclude that more research is needed to broadly recommend white noise as sleep aid. They also note that in some cases white noise can disrupt a person’s sleep and can affect their hearing.

In a recent study, adults fell asleep 38% faster while listening to white noise. Other recent studies have found that white noise positively affects sleep. For example, people living in a very noisy area of ​​New York fell asleep faster and spent most of their time in bed sleeping while listening to white noise. In another study, listening to white noise through headphones improved the sleep quality of critically ill patients in a noisy hospital unit in India.

White noise: car or app?

white noise machine


Machines designed to promote sleep using the concept of white noise were born as early as the 17th century. There are many factors to consider when choosing a white noise machine: machine or app? One of the first decisions you need to make when looking for white noise is whether you prefer a stand-alone white noise machine or a ‘white noise app. A car tends to be bigger and more expensive, but it may have better sound quality. Car is a better choice if you prefer to sleep away from your phone. An app can be more convenient when you travel as it doesn’t require you to carry additional devices with you.

Machines on Amazon: prices and quality

Consider the budget. Some white noise apps offer a free or very cheap version: sounds of white noise then they can even be on Youtube. On Amazon white noise machines instead, they can be found from a minimum of 16 euros and up: a machine that produces noise for newborns costs as much as 65 euros, and those with all the lights and the different types of relaxing sounds that can be chosen go for over 100 euros.

But it is not only a matter of price, we also have to consider the quality of the sound, it is the way it is produced; the ability to control the volume, because it can happen that the lowest ones are too loud; option to set a timer.

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