What to do with children on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July

Last weekend in July, for many the last in Rome before the holidays. On Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July, the heat will be beaten with fun, carefree events for the whole family.

There are slow and regenerating rivers that open at the gates of Rome, multimedia shows to be enjoyed in the city, you can gaze at the stars, take guided outdoor tours. Here’s RomaToday’s advice for Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July:

Aqua World and Paradise River

With the hot Roman weekend just around the corner, why not try the new water area Cinecittà World? Aqua World has doubled since July with Paradiso, the slow river: a long and relaxing crystalline stream where you can swim and be rocked aboard comfortable inflatable boats, carried by the current and immersed in nature. The Paradiso River has been added to Cinepiscina, a 1700 square meter stretch of water with an adjacent sandy beach, cannons and water games where you can relax on the sunbeds, dive into the pool and have fun with live entertainment and a maxi-Screen showing daily films, shows, programs and football matches. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]


Travels in Ancient Rome, the multimedia show

For those who want to experience an extraordinary journey in ancient Rome, the extraordinary project “Travels in Ancient Rome” is back, also in the summer of 2022, which tells and revives the history of Augustus Forum and Augustus through two exciting multimedia shows. of Caesar’s Forum. The show – also suitable for children – is an exciting representation and at the same time rich in information with great historical and scientific rigor, accompanied by the voice of Piero Angela and the vision of magnificent films and projections that reconstruct the two places in which they appeared. in ancient Rome. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Crazy at Chiostro del Bramante

Why not choose to visit an exhibition at the weekend with the children? At Chiostro del Bramante there is “Crazy – Madness in contemporary art”, a large creative and exhibition project curated by Danilo Eccher. 21 artists of international importance, more than 11 unpublished site-specific installations. Madness, like art, rejects established patterns, escapes from any rigid framework, rebels against limitations, so does Crazy. No ordinary and predictable path in favor of a creative explosion that is able to expand, like Ian Davenport’s pigment flows on the stairs and to modify the spatial perception, like Gianni Colombo’s environment. An exhibition that will excite even the smallest [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Visit to the Rome Planetarium

The great sky space of the Rome Planetarium has reopened its doors and is the ideal place to visit on weekends with children, especially with those who are passionate about astronomy. “Return to the stars” marks the moment when the great digital dome opens up to host light and stories from across the universe: stories of scientific inquiry and disturbing discoveries that redefine our place in the cosmos. It is possible to book a guided tour of space and time, cross the mythical scenarios of the constellations, admire the Earth from a distance, fly over planets, nebulae and galaxies, up to relive crucial stages of space exploration and the latest astronomy. Supported by the most up-to-date visualization technologies, from Earth to the borders of the galaxy, you will immerse yourself in a huge flight in spacetime, where along a flexible line of sight you will pursue the new goals of astrophysical research and unleash the instinct of discovery to recompose your image of the cosmos. At the weekend, the entrances to the planetarium are at 19.00, 21.00 and 22.00.

Educational activities and visits for children

Cicero in Rome presents a series of cultural activities for the little ones in the house on the last weekend in July. Saturday 30 late afternoon on the program for children aged 4 to 11 years “An adventure in the history of Rome. Didactic treasure hunt in Via dei Fori Imperiali. Guided tour and activities”. Sunday, July 31, always for the same age group, on the program “From the other side of the river. Discovery of Trastevere. Guided tour and educational activities in the district” and “Isis and Minerva, Egyptian Rome. Guided tour and activity didactics “. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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