Vandal raid in a school in Crotone (Papanice): doors, furniture and fire extinguishers targeted

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The complaint

The institute had remained unsupervised following the June 12 referendum. The management had already reported “raids” inside the building

Published on: 29/07/2022 – 10:16

CROTONE Vandals in action in a primary school and kindergarten in Papanice, a densely populated neighborhood in the city of Crotone. Unknown persons have entered the institute via Oceania, broken windows and caused damage to doors, cupboards and shelves. But not only. The “fun release” by those who were in favor of this, which is not just a stunt, focused on the fire extinguishers being emptied inside the building.
It is not the first case of school vandalism recorded in Papanice. But above all, the school management had already on July 13 reported an episode of burglary registered within the same school with a complaint lodged at the police office.
The institute had been left unsupervised for a month since it had been the seat of the referendum on 12 June last year. It was during this time that the “usual unknowns” had entered the building by forcing the emergency door on the ground floor of the building. In that case, no thefts or further vandalism were reported. This latest raid has instead caused not inconsiderable damage to the institute.


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