Traveling with children: the 3 basic documents

When traveling with children, the issue of documents is of fundamental importance and must be seriously considered even before booking, when choosing the destination and departure period, because there are technical times and rules that must be respected. to move and the destination, whether national, European or extra-European. Here is a quick guide.


When booking a trip, be it a flight or even just a ship, you must also provide the tour operator with the children’s identity documents.
When traveling nationally or within the European Community, the child’s identity card is requiredeven if it is just born. The document is issued by the registration office in the municipality of residence at the request of even a single parent (in turn, equipped with their own identity card) which, however, must be presented at the counter together with the child’s passport photos, the foreign form filled in and signed by both parents (along with a photocopy of the identity document of the parent who is not present at the counter).
But pay attention to the times: the ID card is now electronic for everyone. It must always be requested from the land registry office, but it is sent by the Ministry of the Interior, so it is necessary to take into account a technical time of at least 10 days – 2 weeks.
This document certifies the minor’s identity and allows extradition to countries in the European Union and to other non-EU countries that have established a specific agreement.


If the destination is outside Europe, a personal passport must be requested for the child. The procedure is not immediate, e.g the competent offices are those at the police headquarters in their city.

To request a child passport, you can also refer to the passport agenda, the online service of the state police to request the document and agree to submit the application (which must be signed by both parents) and the necessary documents:

– the child’s identity card
– two passport photos
– Receipts for payments requested when booking an appointment.

Like the identity card, the passport is valid for three years if requested within the child’s third year. From 3 to 18 years, the passport is valid for 5 years.
The new passport booklet with microchip is also issued to children, but fingerprints and digital signatures are only acquired at the age of 12.


Although not essential for posting or travel booking, the health card is still a fundamental document because it represents the tool by which every citizen is identified in relation to public bodies and administrations.
In addition, in the case of travel, it guarantees the child the opportunity to use the services of the National Health Service and is also valid abroad because it allows you to benefit from health care in all countries of the European Union and in other countries with which special conventions in force.
To get the child’s health card in Lombardy, the parent must go to the Revenue Agency in their city and fill out the appropriate form. A provisional document will then be issued while waiting for the health card, which is also provided with the unborn child’s tax code, to be delivered to the home.
Better to consider also in this case up to a few weeks for delivery.

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