The International Academy, 2022 is the boom year for the Busto school

A year of great satisfaction for The International Academy, the innovative school with an international vocation that takes children from the age of 3 by the hand and guides them until they reach high school. Principal Laura Papini: “From the beginning, this school has tried to be a step forward in forming new generations that are prepared and aware”.

BUSTO ARSIZIO – To The International Academythe innovative school with an international vocation that takes children from the age of 3 by the hand and guides them until they reach high school, this 2022 consecrates itself definitively as ityear with the leap in quality. Confirmation of the umpteente acceleration produced by the innovative school of Busto Arsizioinserted among the tested training proposals from ACOF Olga Fiorini, there are many elements, starting from very high grade point average recorded at the most recent high school exams.

Among the guys who crossed the finish line after one four-year course, two also achieved the maximum possible result: Federico Masiero it even deserved praise, while Celia Mercedes Griffa took a very special 100, having graduated not yet seventeen.

But it is not only the high school diploma – celebrated with an event at Villa Caproni in Malpensa – that rewards the academy’s qualities. “Even in the younger age groups – stresses the principal Laura Papiniour innovative reality has shown an excellent performance. At our headquarters in via Andrea Costa, we have organized some last moments that not only rewarded the very young people’s commitment to study, but also gave us the opportunity to celebrate that most of these students decided to continue their studies with us. . The very high level of family loyaltygrown in recent years, it is a source of great pride, confirming the goodness of the choice made in 2019 to unite the then individual international educational experiences (Preschool, Primary School, Middle School and Liceo Quadriennale) in a unified and coordinated realityprecisely The International Academy, generating an improvement that is much appreciated ».

The results achieved by the school, conceived and managed by the leaders Mauro and Cinzia Ghisellinihas not, however, satisfied the constant tendency to introduce novelties. So much so that in September it will make its debut in via Varzi a second high school, alongside innovation which for ten years has been an avant-garde element in the context of provincial schools. The newborn is called PLUS Quadrennial Scientific High Schoolwhich will press onteaching in STEM disciplines (science, technology, mathematics and engineering), will utilize state-of-the-art computer science, science and physics laboratories and will also offer insight into the biomedical field. A doubled offer, always with a diploma that can be achieved a year earlier than the classic five-year cycles and constantly with a specific attention to teaching foreign languagesstarting fromEnglish but with subsequent introduction of Spanish or Frenchwithout forgetting the existence of extra courses in Russian, Chinese and German.

“From the beginning – highlights Principal Laura Papini – this school has tried to be a step forward in forming new generations who are prepared and aware. The project has been imitated almost everywhere in Italy, precisely because of the effectiveness it was able to demonstrate, when few still believed it was possible to implement it. But we all believed in it, and recently we even received thanks from the families of some young people who are the first graduates from the Academy who have now obtained a master’s degree.’

Meanwhile, the last act of the school year now reached the summer holidays, represented by the conclusion in the last days offinal phase of study experiences abroad project which has influenced many high school students but also the younger ones middle school students. “With the end of the restrictions due to Covid – stresses the principle – we have finally also been able to resume these initiatives. The older children have just returned after spending two weeks in New Yorkthose of the Middle School spent an identical period a Dublin. In the month February -one the student delegation went to Brussels to get to know the European Parliament up close. These are valuable opportunities for cultural growth and enrichment that help young people who must be trained as global citizensaccording to the true meaning for which The International Academy was born ».

He is also excited about the level achieved Mauro Ghisellini: «It is a highly desired flagship when no one believed it”, emphasizes the director of ACOF. “As always we wanted to anticipate the times and experiment with a teaching formula that was projected towards the future. And the facts prove us right’.

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