The design gallery that claims all the coolness of glass

Let’s take the plasticity off glass to spice it up with a pinch of maximalist flavor. Let’s combine it with the organic silhouettes of the chubby design and brush with some color. The result? A rising trend – also the protagonist of the Milanese Design Week – that is reshaping the fate of transparency by embracing a new creative impulse that above all celebrates decoration. Recovering the old processes of the Murano furnaces, modernizing the crystal, making it pop and experimenting with new color combinations, the recreation of the vitreous material involves technique and aesthetics. Glossy surfaces, round volumes and pastel shades thus declare the totality of a set of multiform objects coolness of glass.

Colville Homeware’s colored vases

Courtesy photo Colville Homeware

Presented during Milan Design Week 2022, the home collection by Colville, a fashion brand founded by Lucinda Chambers and Molly Mollo, marks the perfect meeting place between craftsmen and trends. Born from the collaboration with Laguna B, a Venetian company specialized in the processing of Murano glass, the vases of the Double Decker series are inspired by the sinuosity of industrial pipes to yield to color in new tonal mixtures that require great transformative abilities of glassy material in their processing.

The candy lamps from MM Chandeliers

the candy lamps of mm chandeliers

Stefania Zanetti

The new lighting project takes the form of old oil lamps and antique night lights Serena Confalonieri for MM Chandeliers it evokes dreamy and surreal atmospheres. Not surprisingly, the name Layla derives from the Arabic word ليلى (laylah), which means “night”. Conceived to illuminate the most private domestic spaces, the collection is made of blown glass and is characterized by soft and welcoming shapes throughout the lighting body. But if in the upper part the light is more direct, filtered only by the color of the transparent glass, in the lower part the opaque glass lets only part of it pass and transforms itself into a translucent, warm and enveloping geometry.

The see-not-see drawer modules from Glas Italia

vedononvedo drawer modules from glass italia

Courtesy Photo Glas Italia

Available in the monochromatic version or with contrasting backrests, the drawer modules designed by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia, they are light monoliths that combine functionality and decoration. Combining a transparent but solid structure in laminated glass with a base and drawers in solid ash, colored in a natural dark brown color thanks to a special heat treatment, the Mandarin chest of drawers is placed on wheels. They are easy to move and play with the space by recreating container wings with a transparent effect.

Helle Mardahl’s table accessories

the new collection by helle mardahl

Simon Baungård

Inspired by the famous stories of Alice in Wonderland and the worlds little Charlie lived in The Chocolate Factorythe new Sweet Illusion series by Helle Mardahl, appeared in the installations of Spotti Milano, it is an imaginative journey between dream and magic. Abstract and disproportionate forms that seduce sight and touch with their distinctive confectionary aesthetics characterize a glassware collection with childlike features. Between pastel colors and a certain sense of extravagance that brings fun and lightness to the table.

The Posy lamp from Masiero

the posy lamp from masiero

Courtesy Photo Masiero

Another novelty in 2022 for the lighting sector is Posy, the poetic light bouquet designed by Sarah Moroni for Masiero. By reproducing the organic structure of a stem, a brass rod with a brushed galvanic finish that supports a series of irregularly developed ‘buds’ ie. one or more spherical lampshades made of opal glass, the lamp simulates a branch that is about to blossom. The collection comes in a wide range of types, shapes and sizes: single or multiple or cluster hanging, as in natural inflorescences.

Cast glass coffee tables from Miniforms

the new collection by helle mardahl

Courtesy Photo Miniforms

Among the 2022 novelties in Miniforms are Zigo coffee tables designed by Zaven they are described as follows: “concentric centers expand from a minimal design and play with the transparencies of the molded glass. Whether tall or short, its legs touch the ground with an unusual softness, making the encounter with planet Earth absolutely spatial”. Designed by the multidisciplinary studio founded in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, side and coffee tables with a particularly evocative aesthetic result combine a metal base with a colored top: petrol, amber, amethyst or blue?

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