San Marino. Chaos ranking of the school, “a Caporetto that this year has never been seen in memory”

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Dear Editor, I really appreciate your news site and for this I would like to share some thoughts with you.

In these days at the end of July, when the school bus is getting ready for the new school year, I realized that representatives of trade unions receive countless reports on the establishment of provisional rankings for teaching. I myself have been forced to deal with this enormous disaster. History tells us that since the Law on Assignments and Substitutes came into force (if I’m not mistaken since 1979) there has always been some error or interpretation in the awarding of scores, but a Caporetto like this year from memory. never seen himself, in an attempt to hide behind a “false operational normalcy” clear lightness (Otherwise I would not know what to call it if you compare what happened this year with the normality that was breathed into the office by the users only a few years ago) in the preparation of one of the administrative measures of which the Personnel Office is an integral part. part and operational.

It is even more surprising how the General Directorate for Public Functioning (I read a press release recently) intervened so quickly on the issue of errors in the preparation of the ranking of the teaching for the school year 2022-2023 hidden behind mere material errors is the obvious lack of knowledge of the formulation criteria in the applicable rules and above all by passing on the message that no matter how badly the work is done … so much can be fixed !!!!!

That is too bad, in view of the enormous amount of errors, the Office of Personnel Management did not take responsibility for immediately canceling the publication of the measures themselves by resubmitting them corrected, even though they are in the provisional rankings, showing full awareness of what was produced.

Even more serious is that at The personnel office is often unable to give clear answers to the numerous applications submitted by aspiring candidates who are even asked to provide the “public sector experts” with the legal references in question.

In fact, we are not talking about pure forgetfulness by inserting data of little importance, but of candidates included in the ranking list without holding the qualification required by applicable law, of lack of visibility of the tiebreaker criteria therefore not having the possibility to understand if they have not actually been entered or due to a clerical error are not obvious, of numerous dates of obtaining the missing qualifications, of recognition of the score for service rendered in irrelevant rankings and therefore not productive of points, of recognition the score of the summer camps in the ranking for which this service cannot be evaluated. These are the most obvious and recursive things that I noticed while going through the rankings and that many friends and friends who compare us have pointed out. In addition to several other errors the holders of indeterminate positions have not even been removed from the ranking list.

Not to mention combination of annual placements and stabilizationfrom which, if we continue to operate in this way, we all expect disastrous consequences, both for the rights of the workers and for the management of the school start.

Another thing that left me and many others behind startled that was the attitude we got at the counter from a clerk (at least) there he advised us not to appeal because we were right and it would have been useless! But is it not our duty to resort to a wrong location? And isn’t it the office’s duty to acknowledge appeals and actions taken by users without comment? I am really shocked by all this!

But do politicians know these things? Do Tonnini and Belluzzi know what’s going on at school? Why, instead of asking for explanations and taking the necessary action against those who made a mistake, do we continue to pretend that nothing happened?

A disappointed and increasingly worried citizen

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