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MODENA- An extraordinary intervention for a primary goal: welcome all boys and girls in the kindergartens of Emilia-Romagna. The little ones whose families and parents have sent an application to the Municipalities, where there has already been an increase in applications for enrollment in nurseries.

There Territory has decided to intervene to give a positive response already in the education year that opens, 2022-23. Budgeting 7 million euros with a extraordinary and experimental measure to allow the municipalities an initial expansion of the education offer as early as September, with a contribution of 4,500 euros per year for each activated new positionand thus reduction of waiting lists.

The financing of the intervention is made possible by the use of the new European funds: Emilia Romagna region it is anyway the first to be approved by the European Commission its operational programs for both the European Social Fund (ESF Plus) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the seven-year period 2021-27, shortly after the signature, last July 19, of the partnership agreement between Brussels and the Italian government.

Giunta Bonaccini is now able to accelerate in terms of one of the most qualifying goals of the legislative program: transform childcare services into universal servicesto gradually cut both the waiting lists and the rates paid by families to welcome all girls and boys by 2025 and thus provide an answer for every family.

A new and effective handle that will unfold its effects and allow mayors, in light of the increase in access requests already registered by many municipal administrations, to expand the response. Not surprisingly, the first activation of the tool was shared at board wanted by the Region with the leaders met in recent days by the Vice President Elly Schlein.

“We are taking a new, important step forward in the overall plan that, by the end of the legislative assembly, will lead to educational services and kindergartens accessible to all boys and girls in Emilia-Romagna, with the elimination of both waiting lists and costs , to be held by families: because nurseries and crèches must become a universal service that must be ensured for everyone, regardless of the social starting conditions, without excluding a single child – they emphasize Bonaccini And Schlein, who presented the regional initiative on Friday 29 July at a press conference – But already in the coming weeks, with the start of the new educational year, we want parents who have wanted to be able to see their children welcomed in the nurseries , puts the mayors in the conditions to improve services. IS a program from Emilia-Romagna, the region that already today has the highest figures in Italy for these services, with coverage even higher than the European targets and with a quality that is recognized and studied worldwide. But we want to make further progress towards the inclusion of children and satisfy a double need: on the one hand, to offer everyone equal opportunities from early childhood; on the other hand, to ensure families a conciliatory response to support the birth rate and women’s employment. We can do it – concluded the President and the Vice-President – for the efficiency and speed with which we completed the programming of the new European funds, which confirms another excellence for Emilia-Romagna.

Invitation to municipalities and trade unions

It will be published in September, addressed to municipalities and municipalities struggling with evidence waiting list for benefits 0-3 years, or at least a potential question that is currently not possible to answer. But in light of the extra resources that the region provides, the municipalities must ensure that they can expand the public offer or activate new nursery places through agreements with accredited private individuals. With a very specific clause: for families the application of the municipal tariff system must be ensured.

The expected contribution for each new place activated in the academic year 2022/23 will be equal to 4,500 euros per yearpossibly repriced according to the actual period of opening of the service.

The report to be paid by the Municipality must report the number of additional places activated and indicate the financial coverage achieved through the tariff paid by the families, the municipal co-financing funds and the regional contribution.

A multi-year plan

The measure is part of an overall project that will make it possible to implement an integrated funding system to support the provision of educational services for 0-3 year olds and the reduction of fees, with additional European resources, integrated with national and regional ones. The new posts that are created will actually be part of the regular funding system to support administrative costs and fee reduction.

The region’s commitment: over 60 million euros

THAT 7 million euros of European funds for the extraordinary measure brings the resources allocated this year to the integrated education system 0-6 years to an unprecedented figure: over 60 million and 500 thousand euros.

More than 28 million euros is the share of the national fund allocated this year to the region to support the integrated education and training system for 0-6 years, and distributed between the municipalities and trade unions of Emilia-Romagna.

7 million and 250 thousand euros of regional origin – also distributed between municipalities and their trade unions – destined to qualify and improve nurseries and supplementary offers for the nursery for children from zero to three years publicly and privately affiliated and/or accredited.

18 million and 250 thousand euros is determined, after the adjustment of the regional budget, to the measure “On the nest with the region“Which, in conjunction with previous years, guarantees a reduction in fees for families throughout the region, in some municipalities up to zero.


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