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Provide an “ecosystem” of efficient equipment that accelerates the transition to more sustainable agriculture. This is the vision of Kverneland Group which, in addition to boosting the production of hay harvesting machines in Italy, launches new machines for simple and precise use of input.

More options

F-drill front funnels in the models Compact with a capacity of 1,600 liters and Maxi 2,200 liters are available in the Standard version, with Eldos distributors for controlling 4-8 seed rows, or in the Duo version with two distributors for controlling 12-16 rows.

The F-drill Maxi is also available in a version Plus with split funnel to contain two different products. You can also choose between the basic and technology versions Isobus.

Kverneland f-drill Duo hopper combined with Optima SX seed drill

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

Top flexibility

“Combinable with various rear implements with working widths from 3 to 6 meters, our hopper handle frog And fertilizer of any size – explains Sebastian KoersProduct manager for Kverneland Group’s German Soest Center. Together with the rear seed bars, they allow you to sow and fertilize in onesingle pass or to distribute seeds and complementary crops at the same time”.

L’high flexibility allows you to use funnels almost all year round. In the spring, the f-seeder can be combined with the Optima F-seeder or the Kultistrip cultivator for local fertilizer precipitation, but also work with the combined seeder with the e-drill rotary harrow, which functions as an additional seed container. In summer and autumn, it is an excellent companion for rotary harrows or KV seed rods.

F-drill, winning solutions and the job is easier

The F-drill – seen in the field with the Optima SX – can work at speeds of up to 8 kilometers per hour. The modular structure with possible ballast set ensures a uniform weight distribution and a excellent balance in the yard without obstructing the forward view. The self-steering packer wheel with lifting function eases the load on the front axle and gives good steering ability reduction of power and consumption requests.

Kverneland f-drill Duo with two Eldos dispensers

Kverneland f-drill Duo with two Eldos dispensers

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

The edition Duo with two Eldos dosers (each distributing 400 kg per hectare) it has particularly high application rates and high volumes thanks to the Venturi system.

That Isobus software e-com “plug & play” communicates with the tractor’s Isobus terminal or with the terminals IsoMatch Tellus Pro or Tellus Go + of Kverneland. Also by the group ITH cables which transforms “quiet” tractors into Isobus.

Pudama: environment and farmers please

That new fertilizer system of Optima TF Profi SX – developed by the Kverneland Group with the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne – brings the achievement of the Farm to Fork goal about reduction ofuse of artificial fertilizers of at least 20% by 2030: The fertilizer starter is determined accurately under each seed of corn.

New Kverneland Pudama fertilizer system for Optima TF Profi SX

New Kverneland Pudama fertilizer system for Optima TF Profi SX

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

“According to research by Max Bouten from the University of Cologne, Pudama allows you to do just that save money at least 25% fertilizer starts per year compared to conventional maize seeding”, explains Koers, holds yields comparable for traditional seeding systems (data provided by field trials).

Each fertilizer granule in the right place

The Pudama system concentrates pneumatically pre-defined amount of fertilizer in the coulter and then inject it and deposit it in the soil when the seed falls. ONE sensor connection between insert and distributor synchronize the application of seeds and fertilizers.

Synchronized application of seed and fertilizer with Kverneland Pudama

Synchronized application of seed and fertilizer with Kverneland Pudama

(Photo source: Kverneland Group)

That targeted positioning and intermittent product is also guaranteed a 15 kilometers per hour. When the planter works at this speed, the laying speed reaches 25 points per second.


Kverneland Optima TF Profi SX with Pudama available from early 2023

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

Already awarded at the NRW Efficiency Award 2021 for reducing the environmental impact, says Pudama – Sandro Battinicommercial director of Kverneland Group Italia – “will be available on Optima TF Profi SX as pre-series from early 2023 and will finally come to market during the 2024 season. In the future it will also be offered on other Optima precision seeders”.

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