In 2027, the Alfa Romeo range will only have electric cars. Learned statements about Alfa Romeo

Everything is proceeding according to Alfa Romeo plans, with Imparato committing to update every 6 months on the status of the works, indicating where Alfa Romeo is on the road map drawn from now to 2030. A plan that will have the turning point in 2027 : switch from the current absence of the electric to a series only and only battery.

In between there are 5 years. “I have to find my way into the Stellantis curve – explained Imparato – by taking the technology I need for batteries to go from today’s electric 0 to what we need to do in 2027, without forgetting the software dimension.”

Alfa sales worldwide are 2/3 Stelvio, 1/3 Giulia. This is important to me because they say the sedan is dead and I disagree. It is part of the Alfa Romeo DNA. You can count on me always having a Giulia in the Alfa Romeo range.

The market share in Italy is 45%. The appetite for Alfa Romeos is very high, and we have something to tell you.

Cassino has halved the industrial cost of cars. Pomigliano with 20%. I have never seen such drops in such a short time. Therefore, the margin depends not only on the price of the cars, but also on the productivity of the factories. The best answer to resist the complexity is cost control. This is a safe point for me in a world of recession

Last year we had 23 different alloy wheels. All beautiful. But they cannot be controlled effectively. We’ve cut them in half. At the moment, in Cassino, they go from 4,000 to 1,400 different options for adaptations in the catalog. What is the ultimate challenge? Making a beautiful car with 1,000 different “pieces” in the catalog in 2025. I can say that on an industrial level the oxygen given to the factory is huge. Another example: they have more than halved the level of defects on the Stelvio and Giulia, which we find after 3 months by seeing what requests we have, so the services have halved the interventions. And as a consequence we have -40% warranty costs on the Stelvio and Giulia.

Of course, we also worked with suppliers in Cassino and Pomigliano: we asked everyone “do we want to increase the production of cars in these factories? We have to increase competitiveness because we are in competition with the world! If we want to consolidate the product plan and we want to make the new cars in Italy, we have to be competitive”. I gave a tough speech, but it is tough for everyone, us and them. And it has paid off

At some point you have to make a choice in terms of technology, performance, etc… The car has to be charged in 20 minutes, it has to have 800 V batteries It has to go from 0-100 in less than 3 seconds. To do all this, you have to choose: I put my money on Alfa’s most functional and specific specifications: drivetrain, power unit, autonomy, software. And in the software I make choices. When you see the number of driving aids that are useless and that no one understands, I think they are useless. We need to stay focused on the basics: design, power unit, software that really supports and not just ‘making it cool’. That’s what I do. Then I might have to say “instead of making 5 optional packs, I’ll make 2”. I have to choose.

Electric is not a choice we have made because it is not industrially sustainable. To me, alternative fuels can affect a very small amount of cars. We need to reach the right level of performance and electrical autonomy in less than 3 years. And we will be. The legislation is clear, the choice was made. You have to aim for the electric. The endothermic era is over. We have no other excuse to protect the new generations from the ongoing global warming. The replacement will be with electricity and then perhaps with green hydrogen. Ignore the blue one, which is easy but not necessary.

We will not produce in China. In the US it has not yet been decided. We don’t decide that at brand level, but at industry committee level. I do my battle: I have two factories and I make them competitive to compete in this world. The rest are not part of the decisions I make as a brand, although I have to give a few. If I am going to launch a model in the E-segment, I need to understand the target markets and put the right guys to work on this.

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