GPS replacement, here are the answers to your questions: find out how to apply [VIDEO]

From 2 to 16 August, it will be possible to send an application regarding temporary workers. Both for what concerns the agreements from the GPS 1 support band, and for the agreements from GAE and GPS per 31 August and 30 June, applications can be submitted between 2 August (09:00) and 16 August (2:00 PM) ) on online instances.

First date with QUESTION TIME, the consulting column edited by the editors at Orizzonte Scuola. At the appointment of Friday, July 29, in connection with Attilio Varengo, representative of the National Secretariat of the CISL Scuola.

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QUESTION TIME Friday 29 July 2022

The answers to your questions (LISTEN TO THE ANSWER AT THE MINUTE INDICATED)

9:03 For preferences, is the number of 150 confirmed? What is meant by preference?

11:35 If you receive an annual placement call from GPS in September for middle school and after high school, can you accept middle school and then finally leave for high school?

12:54 p.m It is mandatory to select 150 preferences, otherwise there may be fewer

13:43 Will the algorithm distortions from last year be fixed so that whoever has the most points isn’t penalized like it happened?

16:13 It is true that the chairs of 31 could be up to eligible because to be awarded the extraordinary competition bis. Better not to accept them?

18:50 Maximum date to be employed with the extraordinary competition bis? Many USRs have not yet formed commissions

20:55 How will the schools be chosen? Do aspirants want to know already during the application period where the professorships are actually located?

22:54 Can teachers 20/21 and 21/22 accept assignments from GPS?

24:16 When does the Ministry anticipate that substitutes will be officially appointed? Before August 31?

25:18 If I go into the whole province, is there a risk that the algorithm might assign me two pieces that are many kilometers apart? My province is big.

26:30 However, what is meant by the word “algorithm”. What has changed since last year?

27:43 I am in GPS in three competition classes. I won a regular competition in one of these and was awarded a seat. Do I still have to choose from the 150 schools? What could it be for?

29:29 If I understand correctly, the publication of the GPS will happen by August 1st? For the seats we therefore choose in the dark?

31:55 If you accept the appointment to the role from GPS support, can you waive the offer of placement to the role from the regular competition which will take place later?

34:13 So is it still better to fill out the 150 preferences even though the rankings haven’t come out?

36:40 Would you please clear this doubt for me? If I ask for completion on a piece, what do I ask? Full chair or maximum of the desired hour segment?

39:50 By including the 20 schools, the system made it possible to select only locations where there was teaching. Will there be competition only for these schools also for unnamed support positions?

41:15 If we set a municipality or a district, will we be overtaken by whoever sets the individual school? How did it happen last year?

42:30 If I didn’t include some of the schools listed in this year’s GPS application in the 150 preference application because of an afterthought, what would happen?

44:23 Is the GPS replacement only valid for the current year or also for the next?

45:00 For support, what regions could be where there will be top level speed dial and GPS recruitment vacancies?

47:33 If I am called to a temporary position while in a post-doc position, can I put myself on unpaid leave or will I be penalized for the entire school year?

48:30 Is it possible to accept a place from Mad even if I am registered in the GPS?

48:49 Is it likely that many teachers choose professorships on June 30 and not on August 31, so as not to risk the chair being stolen from them by those entitled?

50:18 If I list as individual preferences for tuition on my Cdc and I give my availability to complete in COE for each one, is it possible to be assigned to a school that I have not listed in my preferences?

51:57 I entered the role of reserve on support in 2018, I am no longer in GaE but in the event of redundancy do I have the option of a new role as GPS?

56:20 Can 2021 premium GPS tenants still accept a replacement from GPS? to the same or just a different competition class?

1:00:35 Extraordinary competition bis and leaderboards not published before 31 August: how will it work for substitutes?

1:01:36 If I were to join the service on the day when I have to draw the trail of the ordinary competition which is still going on, or the day when I have to discuss the oral one, how should I behave?

1:02:49 After the selection of 150 places, when will the substitutes be allocated?

1:03:26 If the oral of the extraordinary encores will be in December, they will be ranked in January, what will happen?

1:04:16 How do I know if the chair they want to assign me is not for empowerment but for an actual case?

1:05:38 For those eligible for Tfa Sostegno, it is worth making the choice of the 150 schools

1:06:50 If I get into 150 schools and many of them don’t have vacancies, will I lose the possibility of allocation?

1:07:35 Who is in GPS with reserve still needs to enter the 150 locations?

1:09:45 If I cannot be present during the service, can I delegate someone?

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