From the church’s crimes against Métis and Inuit children in Canada (at least 4 thousand have died) to those committed against Jewish children also in Rome

Also Pope Francis is in CanadaTo meet indigenous communities and to express them “outrage and shame” for crimes committed by Christians in these areas and in these communities. And he called him “Boden’s Journey”. And then he expressed himself: “Ask for forgiveness especially for the ways in which many members of the church and religious communities have cooperated, including through indifference to them projects of cultural destruction and forced assimilation of the reigns of the day that culminated in the residential school system“.

But what must the Pope reconcile with the natives? Here is what he writes Answer:It is estimated that from 1883 to the 1960s – but the last school was only closed in 1996 – around 150,000 First Nations, Métis and Inuit children were forced to attend one of the 139 schools spread across the country, breaking ties with their families, with their language and culture to be transformed into little Christians. Between all kinds of abuse – also sexual -, imprisonment and flogging for punitive purposes, due to disease, hunger, cold, at least 4,000 of these children have died.” Heinous crimes, also indisputable, because mass graves and graves of hundreds of children appear cyclically in Canada, as happened last summer with furious reactions from the local population, who had then set fire to many churches for this reason (HERE ARTICLE).

But now Pope Francis cannot avoid asking as soon as possible an equally explicit pardonor for exactly the same crimes that his fellow popes have committed in the past against the Jews, but – please note – not in such distant geographical areas, but in Rome, under everyone’s eyesI and many of you other cities, especially Italian ones. Crimes covered up, committed well before the very serious responsibilities Pius XII against Nazism and the unpunished escape of these criminals abroad ((READ HERE 26.1.2020 and 29.8.2020).

I refer to the so-called “forced baptism”. In advance, few people actually know of the infamous and brutal eradication from Jewish traditions and religion (the oldest existing in the world and also Jesus), performed by the Catholic Church for the hand of the popes, from the 16th to the 19th century. In fact, they kidnapped and interned Jewish children to baptize them however, against the will of the families then instruct them in Catholic doctrine. Children who would obviously never return to their loved ones in the ghetto.

Very interesting in this regard is the book by Marina Caffiero, Professor of Modern History at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, entitled “Forced Baptism – Stories of Jews, Christians and Converts in Papal Rome”, which publishes a huge amount of documents in this regard, drawn from the archives of the Roman Inquisition and from the archives of the Vicariate of Rome, concerning the relationship between Christian institutions and the Jewish world of the capital.

And this infamous practice of “forced baptism” for the Church was legitimized by the fact that for the Jewish child who converted to Christianity there was “eternal salvation” which the Jews could not give him. The child was therefore removed forever from his family for “his own good”. However, one of the regulations for “XII Council of Toledo“Of 681, which forbade a converted Jew to be able to return to Judaism. It should be noted that this practice remained in force until the Bill “Apostolicum Pascendi proceeded from Clement XIII in 1765who forbade it.

But Leo XII (1760 – 1829) restored the Edict and he also issued severe regulations against the Jews, a circumstance which he did the start of these kidnappings again leading up to the breach of Porta Pia in 1870. But he was particularly active in this macabre practice Blessed XIV (Pope from 1740 to 1758), who often used the analogy between the condition of the Jews and the slaves to be freed, and who was also a staunch advocate of the truth of the Jews’ murder of Simonino in Trento.

But where were these Roman Jewish children taken and imprisoned? Snart said: know “The House of Catechumens and Neophytes” (Collegium Ecclesiasticum Adolescentium Neophytorum), still extant in Rione in Monti in Rome, established in 1542 by Ignazio di Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order, to convert the “infidels” (Jews and Muslims). It is estimated that they were made there about 2,000 forced baptisms of Jews from 1614 to 1797. Interestingly, the cost of this facility they had been mockingly placed at the expense of the capital’s Jews. I was intrigued and horrified by the above and I wanted to do more information and so it turned out that there is a huge bibliography on this topic. Among the numerous certified cases, I limit myself to mentioning only that one Edgardo Mortara, taken by the gendarmes of the papal state in night of June 24, 1858 in Bologna and placed in the custody of Pope Pius IXan event very well described in the book “Prisoner of the Pope”, By the historian David Kertzer (New York, 20 February 1948), specializing in the political, demographic and religious history of Italy, winner of The Pulitzer Prize in 2015.

The “Times” also dealt with the “Mortara” case, bringing it to the fore with various articles. That Count Camillo Benso di Cavour expressed his dissent, and the Emperor of Austria Francesco Giuseppe with the Emperor of France, Napoleon III, made specific appeals to the child to return to his family. Sheep Pius IX, who in the meantime had again ordered the Jews to live shut up in the ghetto of Rome, did not want to hear reasons and he answered with a terse “non possumus,” that is, “we cannot,” which is the answer he gave him the apostles Peter and John gave to the members of the Sanhedrin He told them to stop speaking and teaching in the name of Jesus. And he concluded by saying, “I had a right and a duty to do what I did for this boy, and if I had to do it, I would do it again.”

He then added, “Now the Jews, who were sons in the house of God, became dogs because of their hardness and unbelief. And there are too many of these dogs in Rome today, and we hear them barking in every street, and they harassing us everywhere”. Given the hype of this story, Edgardo Mortara moved to Poitiers, France, where in 1870 he was ordained a priest with the name Don Pio Mortara, in homage to the Pope. He died on 11 March 1940 in Liège, after spending several years in a monastery. In it September 2000 John Paul II he beatified Pope Pius IX, calls these accusations slander. The thesis resumed verbally by Vittorio Messori, but unfortunately rejected by an avalanche of irrefutable documents.

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