First show for children at the 59th Cervo International Chamber Music Festival

Deer. Here comes first show dedicated to children at the Cervo International Chamber Music Festival. On Sunday July 31, the festival moves to Parco del Ciapà for La Poesia flies!a show dedicated to children, with one of the best known and most important authors of children’s texts, Roberto Piumini, flanked by accordions of Nadio Marenco. Poetry flies! brings the public into the middle of nature, in the Parco del Ciapà, for an immersive experience in a corner of the Mediterranean scrub.

After the thunderous announcement of the poet’s arrival and of the poem, sheets fly on the stage floor due to a trip that neither the old poet nor the lazy accordion player will or can pick up. Therefore, the children are asked for help, who from time to time choose one of the fallen sheets on which poems or songs have been written. These are performed with the singing of the choruses and the rhythmic accompaniment together with the audience. Finally, some songs are sung with the audience also performing a stage-directed “mirror” mime. The park can be reached by walking through a dirt path (about 20 minutes), while at the end of the show there is an experiential walk for children from Ciapà Park to the village of Cervo, with headlamps to admire and discover the sounds and smells of nature.

The show is combined with afree sunset excursion together with Proloco Progetto Cervo: meeting point at 19:00 in Piazza Castello or at 19:30 in the area set up for the show, in the park. The excursion lasts approximately one and a half hours, in time for the start of the evening. Packed dinner. Reservations required for the sunset excursion and for the adventure walk dedicated to children: GAE Luca Patelli, mobile phone 3476006939. Appropriate footwear and a flashlight are recommended to illuminate the path on the way back. There is one Free shuttle service from Piazza Castello for the elderly and disabled with departures from

The 2022 festival
The 59th edition of the Cervo International Chamber Music Festival, in line with its growth and maturation path of more than half a century of music, also sees 2022 a transversal calendar open to genres. 18 dates, until August 29, and different places will make up the 2022 calendar, this year part of the Lento project – Cervo, a village of sustainable culture, which sees the Municipality of Cervo, together with Proloco Progetto Cervo and the Community Cooperative Il Pollaio Aperto Lento is an ambitious plan for the cultural improvement of the village awarded with the victory of the In Luce tender of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, in which the Municipality of Cervo participates together with the Proloco Progetto Cervo and the Community Cooperative Pollaio Aperto. Lento works on the cultural identity of the village, the historical seat of cultural cenacles and meeting place for artists, writers and musicians, and looks at the tourist development of Cervo, but also at the strengthening of its society. Hence the perspective of sustainability that characterizes the project and its actions, dedicated to the rediscovery of the territory in the name of beauty, nature and culture as connections between relationships, but also in search of slow rhythms which contrast with the madness of the city. . By harmonizing the different cultural souls of Cervo – from the literary tradition confirmed with Cervo ti Strega at the festival conceived by Sándor Végh in 1964 – Lento aims to become a real platform centered on cultural identity that can make Cervo a space of inclusion and openness. , a place that focuses on the care of the territory and people, where habitual or passing residents and tourists can live together. Lento was created with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the call for proposals «In luce. Enhance and communicate the cultural identities of the areas “in the mission Create attractiveness for the cultural goal, which aims at the cultural and creative improvement of the territories of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, making them more usable and attractive for the population that lives there and for the tourists with a view to socially and economically sustainable development.

The next appointments:
– 2 August 2022 at 21.30 Piazza dei Corallini, Dimitri Smirnov – violin, viola; Dario Bonuccelli piano
– Friday 5 August 2022 at 21.30 Piazza dei Corallini, Alexander Lonquich – piano, Shaboruz String Quartet
– 9 August 2022 Piazza dei Corallini at 9.30 p.m., Anton Gerzenberg – piano,
– 12 August 2022 at 21.30 Piazza dei Corallini at 21.30, Moroni Bonaccorso Angelucci Trio
– 16 August 2022 at 21.30 Piazza dei Corallini at 21.30, Sergey Tanin – piano
– 18 August 2022 at 21.30 Cipressa, Fortress Church of S. Pietro, fraz. Lingueglietta, 3D Trio
– 19 August 2022 at 21.30, Piazza dei Corallini, Sergey Tanin – piano
– 21 August 2022 at 21.30 Oratorio di Santa Caterina, Ring Around Quartet – Game of voices,
– 23 August 2022 at 21.30 Cervo, Piazza dei Corallini Wooden Elephant String Quintet
– 26 August 2022 at 21.30 Cervo, Piazza dei Corallini, Fabio Concato – Recital unplugged
– 29 August 2022 at 21.30 Cervo, Piazza dei Corallini, Giuseppe Gibboni – violin, Fabio Silvestro – piano.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased in advance on the website, at accredited agencies (Cervo: Tourist Information Office; Diano Marina: Dianatours; Pietra Ligure: Mamberto Travel Agency; San Bartolomeo al Mare: Gianna Giusto Viaggi; Imperia: Ubik bookstore, Felcar Viaggi) or on the day of the event itself, on site. Tickets with seats on the stairs leading to the Corallini church can only be purchased on the night of the show at the box office set up inside the Oratory of S. Caterina. Discounts for students and children will only be applied at entrances with seating on the stairs. For the performances on 24 and 31 July, there will only be free tickets for children up to 10 years old at the box office on the evening of the performance.

The 59th Cervo Festival 2022 guaranteesfree access for people with disabilities. There is also an asset escort service by staff at Croce d’Oro di Cervo, present at all the exhibitions in piazza dei Corallini. All information about the program, ticket office and logistics at

The Cervo International Chamber Music Festival is supported by the Liguria Region, Imperia Province, Cipressa Municipality, Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce, Fai – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Fratelli Carli, Lions Club Imperia Host, Confindustria Imperia, Proloco Progetto Cervo , Community Cooperative Pollaio Aperto. Rai Radio 3 is the media partner for the event, which has obtained the patronage of Rai Liguria. The festival also collaborates with Italy’s most beautiful villages, Concours Géza Anda, Borgate dal Vivo, Borgio Verezzi Theater Festival, Levanto Music Festival – Massimo Amfiteatrof, La Spezia Concerts Society, Associazione Amici di Paganini, ARD International Music Competition Munich, Club Tenco, GOG Giovine Genoese Orchestra, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation. Thanks to Il Giardino dell’Edilizia, Hotel Rossini al Teatro, Fratelli Carli C. Bechstein Pianosolo.

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