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Sustainability it is among the most popular words on social networks, in TV programs, in magazines. Sustainability is mentioned everywhere and in every sector, from primary to tertiary, we are moving in that direction. The latter aims at environmental protectionby reduction of emissions, to the change in our lifestyles. The last point is the focal point of any discourse regarding sustainability, because if each person does not express their position on the issue in a clear and decisive way and does not commit to changing their lifestyle in small steps, it will be difficult to begin to address environmental and climate change.

Among the daily actions that you they do so more often there is obviously the movement from one point to another, whether it is from home to work or from home to a restaurant and so on. THAT means of transport are becoming increasingly crowded and people demand an increase in the number of bus, tram, metro and train journeys. This increases the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, adding to the baggage of emissions that harm the planet and our well-being. Added to this are the immissions that cars induce, which in terms of frequency are used at the same level as the means of transport.

Expressing one’s contribution about dynamism is only possible in one way: by analyzing what are the advantages of moving towards green mobility And sustainable driving and put some tips into practice.

What is sustainable driving, the electric car solution

To sustainable driving we mean the creation of a transport network that allows people to move faster and more efficiently. The goal is to bring through transport benefits for the environment and citizens’ health. One guarantee green mobility is the use of less polluting agents, such as electric bicycles or electric cars.

The specific case regarding electric cars it is an excellent example of a sustainable vehicle that can really reduce the polluting component. Today, concessions have been introduced for their purchase. It must also be taken into account that long-term leased electric cars are included in a rental system that is already widespread in the big cities.

Advantages of the electric car

It is well known that the very first advantage that wins electric car buyers is cost reduction refueling. Electricity has a very low price and charging through a solar system is practical and environmentally friendly.

These vehicles use all the energy they have, significantly reduce energy waste. It is important to emphasize that they do not produce direct greenhouse gas emissionssuch as nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide.

In order to promote the use of electric cars, it was decided to implement a series concessions ad hoc. For example, insurance companies offer discounts to insure green cars, many Italian regions provide a 5-year tax exemption and in many cities free and unlimited access to electric cars is guaranteed in historic centers.

Advantages of green mobility

Green mobility has two major advantages: reduction of environmental pollution and reduction of noise pollution. It is clear that environmental pollution, especially in cities, is caused by transportation. Less well known is how negatively these affect acoustic disturbances, to a greater extent due to engine noise (largely reduced for electric cars), horn use and noise from railways and airports.

The design of new pedestrian areas and cycle paths can be a further push towards green mobility. Also because these are often interventions that allow one redevelopment of the territory.

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