Castel Gandolfo, Ibernesi school project and budget balance approved by the Council

New Ibernesi school, certification according to art. 39 pcs. 2 of Legislative Decree 104/2020, budget 2022-2024 and regulations for the municipal council’s conduct via video conference. These were the topics discussed today in the city council meeting, which took place in the Marcello Costa Council Chamber in Castel Gandolfo.

“An important public work which will be carried out with state funding and which will provide an equally important response to our society, which will allow us to offer boys and girls a welcoming school, with sufficient places also for innovative teaching as required by the new indications and in accordance with all the rules on the safety and sustainability of school buildings. A fundamental intervention that will serve all citizens, “explained the vice mayor and councilor Cristiano Bavaro in the presentation of the item on the agenda dedicated to the construction of a new school complex in the locality of Ibernesi, approved by the city council unanimously.

The project that will lead to Castel Gandolfo getting a new school in a strategic position, between the historic center and the part that overlooks the underlying areas of the municipal area, involves the construction of the plexus with 10 primary school classes, designed to accommodate students from the nine classes of Le Mole School, as an evaluation of seismic adaptation is essential today, with the relocation and expansion of the “Laghetto” nursery classes.

The school building is designed to respect environmental sustainability: it will actually be a class A building, that is to say with almost no energy, and in the final design the arrangements for compliance with the minimum environmental criteria to be developed in the phase have already been established in the executive planning.

“This funding – commented the mayor Alberto De Angelis – was created for the replacement of Mole’s school, in response to the same objectives as the funding obtained and granted at the time by the Renzi government, to respond to an old Italian school legacy “.

During the city council, there was also talk of another important work for the country, which has received support from PNRR. In fact, 3.8 million euros arrive in Castel Gandolfo for the reconstruction of the CONI tender area on the lake shore, and a change in the budget for 2022-2024 was necessary.

“By 31 July at the latest – the mayor explained – the balance of the budget must be dealt with, and today the prefecture has confirmed that there are no extensions. Income and expenditure are checked and shifts within the areas had to be reviewed to ensure budget balances. We achieved ‘Sports and social inclusion’ funding, with PNRR calls, in the previous council and we were allocated 3.8 million euros for the reconstruction of the CONI area dedicated to canoe competitions. So – he added – we have allocated 400 thousand euros for 2022 and 3.4 million euros for 2023. Soon we will go to the conclusion and definition of this law and we will continue with the award of the design and tender. This is the most important part that was added to the balance ”.

The item was adopted by a majority vote and the opposition voted against.

The certification according to art. 39, subsection 2 of Legislative Decree 104/2020 – update annex to the 2022 report on the results of the certification.
“It was necessary – explained Mayor De Angelis – a restructuring of 13 euros, which had been reported as a clerical error in an overview scheme regarding active residues. The basic aspect is that we will commit parts of the amounts we need to counteract increases in utility companies and we will do it with the tied up surplus by using 87,000 euros in unused Covid funds and around 19,000 euros from summer camps. 2021”.

The item was adopted with a positive vote from the majority and the opposition abstaining.

Finally, after a brief suspension to insert an amendment, the bylaws for holding the meetings of the Council, the Executive Committee and the meetings of the Council Commissions were also voted unanimously.

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