5 space-saving solutions for copying

When the time comes to decorate our child’s bedroom, we don’t always have all the space we want; in this case, we must not despair, because there are many space-saving solutions that solve the problem without spending an arm and a leg. We see 5 for you

Deal with it space in the house is always one of worries that grips us when we have to choose itfurniture. All the more reason to theme of space it becomes even more difficult when we face the arrival of a new member of family. Crib, crib, changing table, playpen; we must make room for many Notifications and optimize those before the arrival of babywas gap only ours.

How to organize the children’s room

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There are some small things to take into account when we start decorating our room baby. First of all, don’t push your hand too hard colors the stickers murals that you like, consider that i children they will soon be adults and will soon begin to have their own color favorite, your favorite cartoon and then you have to watch start over all over again. Try to prepare a room accommodating but which also add up to work in progress. Another little one just: must not be immediately padded with Photo of the first year of life of baby his walls roomyou have a lot of time ahead, and as with colors and cartoons, there will soon be some important pictures for him or her that he would like to have in his room. Try to choose room closest to yours Bedroom for children, move from cot-bed to Bedroom it may take a while to settle in, where being close can help you.

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Last tip: expect a small one rocking chair or one armchair for you in the room of the little one, in the restless nights, or in the request for the bedtime story, you will come back a lot useful.
Now the biggest problem you will face is space. We will try to see 5 tips to get the most out of it.

5 space-saving tips for decorating the bedroom

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It may seem like onebusinessbut today, thanks to the many interior design ideas, there are many solutions which allows us to save square metersdespite the fact that there is no space available that is not exaggerated.

1. Use the full height of the walls for furniture

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The first important tip is the one related to development i height offurniture. There are many possibilities for developing the furniture children’s bedrooms using bridge beds that have the space dedicated to the side on the side wardrobeover Read reached by a ladder and under the room desk And bookshelf. These are useful solutions that children really like (so you are encouraged to go to bed in theirs room), and it does not require us to give up anything.

2. Bunk beds

bunk bed

If the room is for more than one child, then this is the perfect solution for you bunk bed. You will be given the opportunity to deposit 2 beds in the room where it would enter alone 1 and your children will experience bedtime with fun.

3. Chest of drawers or drawers under the bed

Ikea bed
Ikea price 299.99 euros. Measures 90 × 200 cm

Economic solution e save space, even a little life-saving. With drawers etc dresser under the bed you can find the right one refuge for voluminous children’s games; if the chest of drawers is very large it will also be useful for cans of do you live which you put away during change of season.

4. Shelves

ikea shelves
Ikea price 15.00. Measures 110 × 26 cm

The use of shelves it is often underestimated. It may be useful to continue to exploit i height the walls that are free of furniture. We can use them for stuffed animal that our children are happy to keep it Photo albumfor loudspeakers of music and for i books. They have the advantage that they are now available in many models and sizes, that they are cheap, and they can do that manage place them according to the space we want to exploit.

5. TV and wall console

playstation tv bedroom

Last trick: if you have decided that your children can have TV And computer games in the room saw the solution save space for you will have to hang them with the appropriate attachments for monitors wall. With the new flat and very light screens, you can save a lot of space in this way, also because now attached walls allow you to stretch and turn the TV according to where you need to see it.

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