10 things to know if you want to date a graphic designer [INFOGRAFICA]

If you’re a graphic designer, don’t read: this list isn’t for you. If instead graphics is not your job but you have a deal with an insiderget ready to appreciate what your staff will become vade mecum to interact with your (perhaps) girlfriend.

The Australian Creative Agency Ouchin fact he drew one list of things you need to know if you have an appointment with a graphic designer and alas, you ignore all the quirks best known if you don’t want your story to be thrown out even before you’ve finished reading at least one of the twenty graphic magazines stacked in the bathroom.

Because the world of designers is not just logos and flowersso take notes!

#1 A graphic designer is always right

the designer is always right

You’ve always dreamed of meeting a designer to finally be able to furnish your apartment with him? Forget it. Unless you know about Pantoni, combinations and furniture trends, you will never have anything to say.

#2 Word and PowerPoint are just a bad dream

Word and PowerPoint are just a bad dream

Never mention Microsoft Word and Power Point again, act as if they never existed. And get used to it mock Comic Sanseven if you have no idea what it is. Fonts are godsand all your documents not paginated with Adobe will be sacrificed on their altar.

#3 Office hours, this stranger

Office schedule

Some days it may seem that the life of the graphic designer is truly a gift from God, other days you will see it disappears sucked into a black hole of evil customers and retroactive deadlines. It’s a battle between good and evil, but despite that, know that the graphic designer takes pride in his work and would never turn in a sloppy job just to get back in time for Geordie Shore. Look at it alone, actually stop looking at it.

#4 Speak another language

Speak another language

Called Adobeand you better give up understanding it, especially after the time you were convinced that PDF was a new political party and even decided to vote for it.

#5 He loves fonts more than you

Love fonts more than you

If your graphic designer is particularly happy today, it’s probably because just discovered a font who has stolen his heart: indulge him, and if he speaks to you of thanks, do not answer “please.” You may also find yourself caught up in the vision of one documentary about Helvetica: This is usually the time when you should start wondering if you really think you can continue this relationship.

#6 Graphic designers are nerds, resigned

Graphic designers are geeks

You’re starting to admit it, that’s already a good start. Your story will be everything a race to the new update – the new plugin – the new extension and blah blah blah. On the other hand, your computer will never have been in better shape.

#7 Gifts are a nightmare

Gifts are a nightmare

Finding a gift cool enough for your graphic designer is an impossible feat and it can never be solved with a mug or a tie (unless it has Darth Vader printed on it, but rest assured he already has a collection in the house). Just google it cool gifts for designers and fingers crossed.

#8 Your wedding invitations will look great

Your wedding invitations will be amazing

Think of the envy you’ll see in your friends’ eyes when they hold your awesomeness in their hands personal invitation while they will be forced to choose it from a catalog or, even worse, order it on the Internet. These are things you should think about carefully, don’t mess around!

#9 He always wants a plan B

They always have a plan B.

Is the monitor not working? There’s the extra one! Are the mouse batteries dead and should they be thrown away? They are refillable, naive. The graphic designer often has two or more objects of the same type they weren’t even bottles of water to fill up for a post-apocalyptic future: you’re safe!

# 10 Is form today better than function tomorrow?

Is it better the form today or the function tomorrow?

The answer is and always will be: form. Especially when it comes to buy food or choose books. Who could ever buy a regular carton of milk when there is one on the market with embossed writing on an opaque background? Certainly not the graphic designer.

Shortly said, In summary, dating a graphic designer might not be so bad: he’s creative, inspiring, he’ll choose out-of-the-ordinary gifts, take all your holiday photos with a high-end camera (for you), and you’ll probably never find a terrible knick-knack at home. Moreover, you never have to learn the difference between HTML and CSSwhich is not a trivial matter.

The graphic designer wants your back!

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