what the weather test gives for the next school year

Between GM and GAE, here’s how the preferred placement is assigned to Act 104 recipients for the 2022/2023 school year.

Law 104 of 1992 in the school environment concerns not only students with disabilities, but also teachers in the same situation. Here you can see how the right to assign the seat works.

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Law 104 is also famous as “Framework Act for assistance, social integration and the rights of disabled persons”. The same therefore has to do with various aspects of sociality and works to ensure that those in a similar condition receive certain benefits. The subjects in question are autistic disabled, mentally disabled, hearing impaired And visually impaired. But also disabled people with Down’s Syndrome, motor disabilities, crippled disabled people and finally, visually and hearing impaired.

Law 104 naturally, as mentioned a little earlier, also concerns the world of schools and is valid in all respects. But the protagonists of such a law are not only people with a clear disability. On the contrary, there are others too, although they fall under a smaller category. We are talking about persons responsible for guaranteeing assistance to a disabled relative or related person. As in the first, also in this case, the right of preference can be used as far as the transfer of the workplace is concerned.

But before we explain better how the role accession at the school will take place for similar recipients, we would like to point out other news related to the education sector. The first comes directly from the Lazio region, or we are talking about a bonus that wants to increase enrollment in universities. The second, on the other hand, concerns ATA Personnel and some questions regarding vacation and illness. Well, having said that, let’s move on to the topic of the moment.

How does the weather court for the assignment of the workplace work for the beneficiaries of Act 104?

People with a minor disability, but at least more than 2/3, they are the first to benefit from this right. Along with them, those with minorities are also enrolled in three different categories: the first, the second and the third. Immediately after them, the second to be able to enjoy this right is people with disabilities and in serious situations. They can choose the workplace that is closest to them. Finally, the order ends with i relatives of disabled peopleregardless of whether they are children, parents, spouses or brothers and sisters in their parents’ absence.

What happens to merit ranks and to exhaustion ranks

Before illustrating the case, let us explain what are the merit rankings. In practice, these are lists of teachers that can be accessed after winning a competition for teachers. The list has its own order and we are actually talking about rankings. These allow teachers to position themselves in them, taking into account different criteria. We talk about the test score, qualifications, seniority level, seniority and much more. Before the new school year begins, a first half of the ranking list is selected, but the rest is taken from the ranking list when it is used up.

As for the role entry procedure, it works like this. The beneficiaries of Act 104 can enjoy the right of priority by choosing an office in the reference province. People with personal disabilities they can choose any school structure, even if it is outside the province of residence.

However, in the case of that helps people with disabilities, this right can only be asserted against institutions in the same municipality of residence as the relative who is being helped. Or, in the absence of availability, he can still work in a neighboring municipality within the same province. But now let’s move on to merit placements. In this case, this right is only available to those who have requested priority by completing section H4 and attaching the required certification.

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