The Design Guidelines for PA Websites and Digital Services

The design guidelines for the PA’s websites and digital services have been published: here are all the news that are highly relevant to a fundamental part of administrative digitalisation.

Orient the design and implementation of websites and digital services provided by administrations, with particular emphasis on usability and a human-oriented design approach.

Online design guidelines for PA websites and digital services

These are the goals for Design guidelines for public administration websites and digital servicesadopted by Agid with it determines n. 224/2022the result of joint work with the Department for Digital Transformation, enriched thanks to public consultation and a dialogue with the Unified Conference and the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI).

Indeed, with the development of the technological and legislative context, both national and European, it was necessary to continue with an adaptation of the method and tools indicated in the previous “Guidelines for PA sites”, which are established in art. 4, in the minister for public administration and innovation directive 26 November 2009, no. 8, that the new guidelines, issued pursuant to art. 71 of CAD and AGID Resolution No. 160 of 2018, cancel and replace.

The content of the guidelines

Based on the ISO / IEC directives, part 3 standards for the preparation of technical documents, The design guidelines provide indications to be followed for the creation of PA websites and digital servicesthe optional and those for which careful evaluation is necessary.

Among the stated requirements, ease of consultation and user experience form a crucial hub for the effectiveness of PA’s online products: websites and digital services that are useful and easy to use, according to a user-centered design methodologybecome fundamental to allow citizens to use them in a simple and clear way, and to increase their spread more and more.

Additional important references relate to transparency and security of information, accessibility, monitoring of services, user interfaces, integration of enabling platforms and licenses.

The technical manual

The design guidelines are a functional tool for the realization of projects to improve public services planned by the PNRR and for which important investments are intended.

For the implementation of these rules, the Department for Digital Transformation and AgID have made available at Designers Italia website tools, kits, templates and Design operating instructions: a working guide dedicated to PA and its suppliers, a living document in full spirit open source codewhich aims to provide operational indications to support the design and implementation of digital contact points for the citizen.

It is therefore important that a public administration has one institutional website in full line with i new accessibility standards And applicability.

For this Community Golem Netqualified as a company to supply products in the condition SaaS (Software as a service), offers its support to organizations that need to adapt and optimize their website to all the new principles.

In administrative transparency thanks to the package SitesPA, a complete and compatible solution is made available to the organization of the public administration websites.

Furthermore, through the Golem Net web form, Online PAis simplified insertion and contextual handling of documents published on the institutional website’s website in the specific sections laid down in the legislation.

These are software that are fully accessible and strictly follow EU Directive 2016/2102.

In conclusion, they represent the software solutions and platforms offered by this company a compatible technological solution to the principles outlined in the aforementioned directive.

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