The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence opens registrations for the academic year 2022/2023

Nine three-year courses, six two-year courses and five master’s programs: this is the educational proposal for 2022/2023 from the Academy of Arts in Florence, which on August 1 officially opens registrations for the next academic year. An offer that ranges from fine arts to applied arts, passing through museum training, dedicated to those – with high school or university degrees – who want to specialize in studies and artistic practice.

Students interested in three-year and two-year courses will be able to apply for admission exclusively online until August 31. An absolute novelty this year is the introduction of the programmed number with the consequent extension of the entrance exams to all aspiring students (until last year, students with an artistic high school diploma or an academic exam were exempt from the entrance exams, ed.). In line with the 2021 enrollment data, a total of 780 places will be available for the 2022/2023 academic year.

“The programmed number – explains the director of the Academy of Arts, Claudio Rocca – is an extraordinary but necessary measure at this time to ensure a fair relationship between the places available for teaching and the number of members: growing, especially in the later year , also thanks to the expansion of the training offer. The academy – continues the director – is ready from next November 2 (the start date of the academic year and of the teaching, ed) – to welcome students in the historic place of Piazza San Marco and in its cultural centers scattered throughout the city: ex Leopoldine in Piazza Tasso, the Pretoni Church in via San Gallo and the Tobacco Factory”.

The educational offer remains confirmed for this year, already enriched in 2021 with new study paths in Graphic Design, New Art Technologies, Art Education and two courses within the three-year decoration period. Also confirmed the possibility for female students and international students to enroll in a one-year preparatory course if they fail the entrance exams or need to consolidate their skills for the next year.

The tax-free zone, on the other hand, is set at 22,000 euros, within which female students enrolling in three-year and two-year courses will be exempted from paying the academic contribution. For Ukrainian students, there is a further reduction in fees equal to 50% of the amount owed, while all students and aspiring students will be able to compete for the award of scholarships from the Regional Agency for the Right to Study, DSU. Tuscany (deadline 6 September 2022).

The postgraduate education offer will also restart in the next few days with five 1st level Masters – registration no later than October 10 – which provide tools to operate in some key artistic sectors of the current creative professions: video, sound design, ceramics, fabric and fashion accessories. Finally, registrations are also open until September 30 at the Scuola Libera del Nudo, an ancient institute founded by Giovanni Fattori, which still carries on the tradition of studying the human figure and anatomical drawings from life.

Courses and candidates active for the academic year 2022/2023

Bachelor: Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Graphic art, Graphic design, Interior design, Scenography, Didactics for museums, New art technologies. Three-year courses are accessed with a high school exam.
Two-year courses: New expressive languages, Painting methods, Plastic design for theatrical scenography, Design and preparation of exhibition spaces, Illustration, Visual culture (addresses in art didactics and artistic curation). Two-year courses are accessed with a first-level degree or academic diploma.
Masters: Ceramic product design, Design for handicrafts (dedicated to fashion accessories), The art of filming art, Sound and image, Textile – creation of plastics. Masters are offered in collaboration with local organizations and companies (Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, Isia Firenze, Cna Toscana, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio, Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, Colorobbia). Masters can be accessed with a first level degree or academic diploma.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence is the oldest of the European artistic educational institutions. It offers university-level courses lasting three and two years and Masters that award qualifications equivalent to university degrees and diplomas. Currently, there are 1,948 students enrolled, of which 584, 30%, are from other European and non-European countries.

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